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Countdown to Downton - 10 Memorable Moments

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Spoiler alert: we're reminiscing over scenes ranging from "Downton Abbey: Season 1" through "Season 6: Episode 8" - if you're not caught up, refrain to maintain the element surprise! 

She Wears the Pants in the Household

Sybil had plenty of shining moments, but this is one we’ll always treasure (and that neither Tumblr or Pinterest has forgotten). Our favorite part? Branson, still chauffeur, catching a peek from the window!

Deadly Affair


Ah, Mr. Pamuk, we hardly knew thee … but this faux pas to end faux pax provided us with plot twists and, outside the show, joke material for seasons to come.

“What is a weekend?”


There are Dowager Countess zingers a plenty to choose from, but we’ll always remember this one most fondly. (Which is why we've printed it on bags, mugs, and just about anything else that will hold still long enough!)

Free Bates! (Versions 1.0 and 2.0)


The world’s most chronically unlucky couple has been through a lot during the past decade or sowith “Downton Abbey” and, miraculously, have virtually always been steadily employed to boot ...


Here’s hoping for an end to the tragic streak and (fingers crossed) a smooth, penitentiary-free arrival for Baby Bates!


Clue, O’Brien Style


Oh, the deviousness tucked up into those curls of evil! Although, admittedly, even the queen of schemes was a bit horrified by what transpired ... heir inapparent.

Kissing Cousins


With Lavinia’s blessing and a final thawing of the ice queen’s heart, they finally got the timing right ... and we got what we’d all been lobbying for!

The event we still can’t bring ourselves to name.


Kind, rebellious, beautiful Sybil and eclampsia. This is one episode that doesn’t draw up nostalgia for days gone by. We know that these things happened, but the truth? We’re still not over it.

Eyes on the road, buddy!


And, if one tragedy weren’t enough, we had this season-ending debacle. Sure, Julian Fellowes, contracts were up and Mary and Matthew’s love had to be preserved. But, honestly, Matthew? You survived WWI to go out like this?

We thought the old booby would never ask …


But he did! After revisiting all that trauma, here’s the perfect heartwarming memory. The day our favorite bass-voiced (if sometimes grumpy) traditionalist tied the knot with our favorite Scottish sounding board and voice of reason. Oh, happy day! 

Cat Fight


In the last episode of “Downton Abbey,” we’d definitely be lying if we said we weren’t at least a little bit pleased that Mary finally got her comeuppance from Edith … we are a bit sad that it came at such a price. Is it too much to ask for happy ending in Sunday’s finale?

What about you? What moments are we missing? And what are you hoping for as we come to the end of an era?

Tell us in the comments, and be sure to watch the “Downton Abbey” series finale Sunday, March 6, at 8 p.m.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

“Downton Abbey” Series Finale, 8 p.m.