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"Compasión" — Veterans Coming Home

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Capt. Cibelés Ramirez-Rodriguez is a pilot in the Arkansas National Guard. In the final segment in our 2018 Veterans Coming Home #WhatWorks project, she discusses her time overseas and balancing home life here in the states.

Highlighting Capt. Ramirez-Rodriguez's volunteer work with the Sheep Dogs Impact Assistance organization to help other veterans with PTSD, this piece follows the single mom on a scuba diving excursion in Lake Hamilton as she impacts a community of fellow soldiers.

Veterans Coming Home Compasion

“Bella” also shares how being a mom in the military has presented challenges in raising her son. Returning from combat and reuniting with her family was a blessing, but finding the balance of being present and working is a struggle she and all single parents face.

Altogether, these connections have helped Ramirez-Rodriguez find purpose in motherhood, in helping others and in passing along the value of compassion on to her 12-year-old son.

Check out the full video on Facebook Friday, Nov. 22, to see how one veteran came home to this circumstance and found ways to build a better life through family and community.


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