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Coding Is the New Literacy - Free ScratchJr App Gets Kids Started

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It’s never too early to learn, and PBS KIDS ScratchJr is a great new app that helps kids learn computer coding by creating their own interactive stories and games! 


Coding (or computer programming) is a new type of literacy that’s becoming increasingly important as technology becomes more prevalent in our lives. While in the past coding was seen as too difficult for most people, PBS KIDS and ScratchJr think that it should be for everyone!


Writing helps you organize your thinking and express your ideas, and the same is true for coding. As young children code with ScratchJr, they learn how to create and express themselves with the computer … not just to interact with it!


By snapping together colorful programming blocks, children can make characters take action — moving, jumping, dancing and singing. In the process, kids learn to solve problems, design projects and express themselves creatively on a tablet. With PBS KIDS ScratchJr, they don’t just learn to code, they code to learn!


Additionally, the “work” kids do as they use ScratchJr helps develop sequencing skills that are foundational for later academic success. Children also use math and language in a meaningful way and motivating context — bringing their favorite PBS KIDS characters to life — which supports the development of early-childhood numeracy and literacy! It’s a winning formula all the way around.

Want to learn more? Check out the app’s features now, then visit this site to download ScratchJr and start your family’s coding fun today!


  • Colorful Programming Blocks - Snap together the color-coded motion, sound, look, trigger and control blocks to create sequences of actions that cause characters to animate and interact in fun and exciting ways.
  • PBS KIDS Characters and Backgrounds - With 150+ PBS KIDS characters, children can create projects based on their favorite shows and can mix-and-match as much as they’d like!
  • Paint Editing - Create your own characters and backgrounds.
  • Voice Recording - Use the recording tool to add sounds and your voice to projects.
  • Story Starters - Looking for inspiration? Eight story starters in the app are a great place to start. Each Story Starter features a different set of characters and is designed to encourage children to edit and complete the story however they’d like.


PBS KIDS ScratchJr App

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