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Chef Talk — “Cook With Brooks: Roots Run Deep”

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I feel so fortunate to be in your living room every week, and we’re glad to be back with “Cook With Brooks: Roots Run Deep” this Saturday, Jan. 28, at 5 p.m.

Cook With Brooks Meets Steve Vanzant
On our visit this week, I get to stop by one of the most recognized names in The Natural State’s fruit business: Vanzant Fruit Farms in Lowell, Arkansas. We get to meet Steve Vanzant, and I’m telling you that’s something special! We got along right from the start - sharing the same first name let us both know that we were dealing with good people. Be prepared to laugh in this episode, because Steve loves to tell funny stories!

Vanzant Farms Apple Orchard
At Vanzant Fruit Farms, we get to see the Arkansas Black Apple orchard and learn all about these apples’ history and this farm’s passion for them.

Vanzant Farms Early Years
Steve also shares his family’s farming history — they’ve been in business here since 1949 — and how they’ve adapted to keep a constant supply of fruit by growing several varieties of apples, peaches and grapes. It’ll make you realize how much Northwest Arkansas has changed with the apple industry!

Vanzant Farms Market
It’s amazing to see the process behind bring the fruit to market … and to take a peek at everything else Vanzant Fruit Farms offers in their store along Highway 264.

Vanzant Farms Mascot
Another of my favorite things was meeting a beautiful dog who is Vanzant Fruit Farms’ mascot … but he’s not Steve’s pet. That doesn’t keep it from coming to work every day, though!

Cook With Brooks Honey Mustard Chicken With Apples
Once we wrap up our visit to the farm and store, we’re heading into the kitchen to get cooking. Tune in for my recipe for Honey Mustard Chicken With Apples — I think that you will love it!


Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017

“Cook With Brooks: Roots Run Deep,” 5 p.m.