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Chef Talk: “Cook With Brooks: Hail to Kale”

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… And we’re back! We have enjoyed a short break, but we are excited for you to see what the “Cook With Brooks” team and I have been working on. Seeing the evolution of the production is so cool!

On this week’s episode, we’re tipping our hats to a give a “Hail to Kale”! This super food is very valuable to the diet of tons of people. Packed with nutrients, it has become a main stay in a lot of kitchens, and there are great options to find it locally.

Cook With Brooks Ozark Alternatives Greenhouse

To get started, we’re taking a trip to Ozark Alternatives farm and orchard in Lowell, Arkansas. The owner Paul Chapracki was making lunch for my crew when I arrived. That’s real proof that it doesn't pay to be late. Then, he took us on a tour of the greenhouse to see the beautiful product that is growing in the dead of winter. It might have even snowed on us! Paul's family have been growing food the local chefs enjoy using for the last eight years. They moved to a different plot of land a year ago and haven't missed a beat in the process!

Cook With Brooks Ozark Alternatives Farm

After checking out the source, we make a trip to Native Nectar Juice Company, one of Paul's best customers. We sit down with Alex, the manager, to get the skinny on how they use the local products for the juicing operation. They make a variety of products and we learned a lot. I love trying all the different ways they play with the kale in their creations!

Cook With Brooks Native Nectar Juicing Company

Then, watch as I make a very simple Kale Frittata from scratch in just a short amount of time. This is a recipe that you and your family will love.

Cook With Brooks Kale Frittata

Make sure you watch to the end, because we have a funny Hot Lips blooper at the end of the show. It was too good not to share. When you see it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

I am so proud to share all of these cool, people, places and things with you. We are so glad to be back! 


Saturday, March 25, 2017

“Cook With Brooks: Hail to Kale” at 5 p.m.