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Chef Talk — “Cook With Brooks: Going a Different Whey”

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We sure have been enjoying ourselves in the first season of “Cook With Brooks” and hope that you have been, too! The great energy continues this week when we take a trip to Elkins, Arkansas, to meet the McCormick family at White River Creamery.

Cook With Brooks: Tessa With Goats

The know-how behind this operation is really impressive. Scott McCormick trained at Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese where he completed basic and advanced cheese making courses. Then Tessa and their three daughters — Amber, Caily and Emily — did an internship in Vermont and learned goat health and husbandry. Together, they all put their skills to work running a dairy that raises Nigerian Dwarf goats on a beautiful, 15-acre farm south of Fayetteville and across from the White River in the Ozark Mountains.

Cook With Brooks: Nigerian Dwarf Goats

The McCormicks came to The Natural State to start this farm and dairy, and they put their training to work to make some truly high-quality cheese. It’s a fascinating process! This week in “Going a Different Whey,” you’ll get to it step-by-step, starting with milking the goats.

Cook With Brooks: White River Creamery Cheeses

I get my hands dirty bringing them into the milking room, applying the milk machine and letting them out. Thank goodness they are trained! We’ll also learn how Scott came to train at the Vermont Institute of Artesian Cheese.

Cook With Brooks: Baby Goat Bottle Feeding

I will also sit down with Tessa and learn about the family, the dream and the mission behind the creamery. Me, cheese, baby goats and some great people. It's gonna be a great show!

Cook With Brooks Chicken Sliders

Finally, I go back to the “Cook With Brooks” kitchen and show you some simple chicken sliders with some Triple Pepper Halloumi cheese and some other fresh local ingredients.

Cook With Brooks Farmers’ Market
Watch with us to see what "Going a Different Whey" is all about this Saturday 5 p.m. You’ll never look at cheese the same way again!


Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017

“Cook With Brooks: Going a Different Whey,” 5 p.m.