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Chef Talk — “Cook With Brooks: Farm to Oven”

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I hope that you enjoyed Steve Vanzant in “Cook With Brooks: Roots Run Deep” as much as I did. We had a great time walking through the Vanzant Fruit Farms’ Black Apple orchard and shopping in their fruit market on Highway 264. What a great family!

Cook With Brooks with Jerrmy Gawthrop
In this week’s episode, “Cook With Brooks: Farm to Oven,” you are in for a treat! I’m gonna take you to one of my favorite spots in Northwest Arkansas, Wood Stone Craft Pizza in Fayetteville, to learn about the local farm-to-table movement. There, you’ll get to meet my friend, the co-owner, chef and all-around good egg Jerrmy Gawthrop.

Cook With Brooks Wood Stone Craft Pizza
Chef Gawthrop will let us have access to the Wood Stone Craft Pizza kitchen and teach us to make a great dish from six great, local farms’ ingredients. And, to get started, he’s teaching us all about butternut squash — from how to cut it to how versatile this ingredient can be!

Cook With Brooks Butternut Squash
You won’t want to miss how he finishes off this delicious pork chop using that big, wood stone oven.

Cook With Brooks Brined Pork Chop and Sides
Then, to round out our meal, Jerrmy Gawthrop tops the chop with pickled apples, a side of braised kale and a butternut squash puree. This is really good with some fromage blanc mixed in there with squash that will make your mouth water. It’s amazing what you can do with all of these local ingredients, right in the middle of winter!

Cook With Brooks with Clayton Suttle
After we’re done cooking, I get to sit down and eat that outstanding meal with Wood Stone Craft Pizza co-owner Clayton Suttle, who’s also been a big part of the local food movement. What a great guy!

Cook With Brooks Braised Kale
As we talk with Clayton, we’ll get to hear more stories about the food, farms and families who are working together in Northwest Arkansas’s farm-to-table movement. We’ll also get to hear more about what helped make the dream and partnership behind Wood Stone Craft Pizza possible. They have been leaders involved in the region’s farm-to-table and local food movements for a long time. We’ll even hear a little bit of the history behind how they made a great, spicy ketchup that I so love. So, watch with us this Saturday for “Cook With Brooks: Farm to Oven” Feb. 4 at 5 p.m.


Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017

“Cook With Brooks: Roots Run Deep,” 5 p.m.