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Chef Talk — “Cook With Brooks: Art and Soul (Food)”

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Back a year ago when we started working on “Cook With Brooks,” we made a visit to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and its Eleven restaurant in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Art and (Soul) Food Art on the Grounds

What an honor to get to hang out in the kitchen of such a Northwest Arkansas landmark! If you have not been to Crystal Bridges, it is a must see. From the amazing grounds to the art to the High South Cuisine coming out of its kitchen, this museum is like nothing else in the world.

Art and Soul (Food): Chef Brooks with Chef Lyle

In our next episode “Art and Soul (Food),” come with us to explore Eleven restaurant, located in the heart of the museum. In the kitchen, Chef William Lyle will show us how to make a quick Coq au Vin while explaining where the dish comes from and how the museum’s art inspires him.

Art and Soul (Food) Coq au Vin

Then, we’ll get the chance to share the delicious meal with Eleven’s food and beverage director Case Dighero, who elaborates on the term High South Cuisine.

Art and Soul (Food): Chef Brooks With Case

Case is such a character! We share such a long history: I met him on my very first day in Northwest Arkansas, so we have known each other for a while. (We even co-owned a restaurant back in the day.) I’m so honored to see him again and have the chance to take a closer look at what he is a part of now. Come with us and get ready for a feast for your eyes and palate in “Cook With Brooks: Art and Soul (Food)” on Saturday, Feb. 18, at 5 p.m.


Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017

“Cook With Brooks: Art and Soul (Food),” 5 p.m.