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Celebrating Expression — April Vlog with Clarice and Kwami

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Clarice and Kwami Abdul-Bey are discussing the season, current events and legislation across the nation and in Arkansas, American Portrait PBS and #SeeALICE, National Poetry Month, and upcoming Arkansas PBS blackout poetry events in their April vlog! Hear what they have to share:




Keep exploring the topics Clarice and Kwami discussed, and join us for two FREE, virtual blackout poetry events this week:


Topics to Explore:


“PBS NewsHour — George Floyd” Coverage


Arkansas Senate Bill 674


“American Portrait PBS”


LaTasha N. “You Don’t Know What It’s Like …”


#SeeALICE – ALICE in Arkansas



Join us:


Hemingway Blackout Poetry Workshops


Learn about transforming a page from your favorite Hemingway book into a work of art with blackout poetry! Bring your marker and book page, and be prepared to create your own masterpiece for yourself, your family or your classroom.


"Blinging Out Blackout Poetry" With Janie Walburn

Thursday, April 29, 2021, at 4 p.m.


 This session will bring creative joy and relaxation to all. Ernest Hemingway's work will be used as the background for creating the found poetry known as blackout poetry. Creators will discover their hidden talent with words using Ernest Hemingway's short story pages to black out self-selected words in a design/style suitable for their pleasure. After blacking out their pages, creators will use their creative genius to add color and bling to spice up the page. The final product will appropriate for decorating their walls, binders, desks or dorms! There's no WRONG way to create this work! All you need is a little happiness...and courage to change a page in a book! 


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"Blackout Poetry the Ernest Hemingway Way" With Leron McAdoo

Saturday, May 1, 2021, at 4 p.m.


Come join a free blackout poetry virtual workshop that explores an Ernest Hemingway approach. Participants will encounter the work and strategies of the iconic American writer of the “Old Man and the Sea.” The session will give all participants an opportunity create powerful and beautiful blackout poetry. This is an activity that turns a page of words into a creative writing and piece of visual art at the same time.


Register now here.



Clarice and Kwami are the co-directors of the Washitaw Foothills Youth Media Arts & Literacy Collective and co-convenors of the Arkansas Peace & Justice Memorial Movement.  They have agreed to join the Arkansas PBS family as monthly vloggers that share their informed opinions on current events and PBS programs.Arkansas PBS shares select community content and events from partners across the state. While this content meets our editorial guidelines, views and opinions belong solely to the community partner providing the content.


To learn more about the Arkansas Peace & Justice Memorial Movement backstory, check out the October 2020 issue of Little Rock Soiree Magazine and the Healing Together episode of the Southern Inspirations podcast.  To learn more about Rosanne Cash's APJMM connection, read the "Taking A Stand" article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.  Also, check out the APJMM YouTube Channel.