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Celebrate the State Insect in January’s “Agri Arkansas”

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Who’s the hardest worker in Arkansas agriculture? Many would say it’s the honey bee, our state insect! 


In a brand new episode of “Agri Arkansas,” we’re exploring apiculture in the Natural State, learning about the effects of Colony Collapse Disorder — the spontaneous deaths of entire colonies of bees — in Arkansas, and finding out everything you need to know about backyard beekeeping.


It’s a fascinating thirty minutes that explores these tiny workers’ broad, varied impact on the agricultural industry and Arkansas economy, capped off by a panel discussion with Jon Zawislak, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville apiculture instructor; Desiree Baxter, beekeeping enthusiast; and our host, veteran reporter Tony Brooks.



Sunday, Jan. 25, 2014

“Agri Arkansas,” 1 p.m.