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Camp Onomatopoeia Kite Festival – “Blueberry’s Clubhouse”

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“Blueberry’s Clubhouse” is back this summer, and all of our friends – including Blueberry, Max and more – are coming back to Arkansas PBS this July for camp! We’ll meet new friends, go on some amazing adventures, and learn a lot about ourselves and the world around us.


Ready to head back and even be featured in this season yourself? Camp Counselor Carol says, “Go fly a kite!” No, really! Hear why:



Ready to get started? First, find someone to help film you flying a kite that you get or build yourself. Then, share that video with us!


You can send your videos to us at for a chance to be featured in this year’s special. Videos should be 30-seconds-long or shorter and must be submitted by Wednesday, June 30, 2021, for a chance to be included in the celebration.


We can’t wait to see all of the bright and colorful designs and, of course, your sweet faces!


So, when can you watch your pals at Camp Onomatopoeia again? Our “Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Season 1” encore broadcasts begin in June 2021, and “Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Season 2” comes back with a fun new look and brand-new adventures in July 2021!


Learn more about “Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Season 2,” created in partnership with the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, at