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Bonnie Montgomery rocks the house

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Bonnie Montgomery rocked the house last last week during a taping of AETN Presents:  On the Front Row to be aired this November.  I'm not sure that AETN fans have ever had the eclectic show we were treated to last Thursday.  Montgomerys deep, rich tones in a folksy, rock-a-billy foot stompin' beat had the crowd whooping and swaying (especially to the 'mean' song as she put it) and then we had her professionally trained clear voice singing opera. Parlor ballads that took you to another place entirely poked at something on the inside.  Slow and methodical and moving.  Truly lovely. 

For the first time, she shared the opera 'Billy Blythe' she has been working on for four years that chronicles Bill Clinton's boyhood. Singing as Clintons mother Virginia, she peeked into a private Mother/Son world that few know.  Heartbreaking and telling, she took you to that place. 

Gingham and evening gowns, you can count on AETN to bring it.  All of it.