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Bonnie Montgomery and band with tenor Andrea Bocelli this Friday for AETN Arts Fridays.

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Pull up a chair this Friday for the sweet, clear voice of Bonnie’s clever tunes and lovely opera and the tenor, powerful voice of Bocelli in Central Park…and he’s not alone either.  He is bringing along some friends including Celine Dion, Tony Bennett, Chris Botti and David Foster.  The New York Philharmonic is on board and just for fun, the Westminster Symphonic Choir will make an appearance.  I’m fairly sure that Bocelli, or any of these spectacular musicians could blow us away alone, but this package of pure goodness is the cherry on top of the proverbial big ole sundae.  On Friday.  From the big apple. 

I was lucky enough to witness the fun that is Bonnie Montgomery and band live in our studio when they taped this concert you will see Friday.  My first two reactions were 1.  “I want to be her!” and 2. “She’s adorable!” and then she opened her mouth….and so much joy and fun with words and music came out I didn’t have enough pretend paper in my  head to keep going on about what I liked best about them.  John Willis on the piano was phenomenal, the singers who supported all the joyful music rocked it and then the switch to “Billy Blythe” was very cool..sort of a two for the price of one fun time.

The opera “Billy Blythe” is a short-length opera set in 1950’s Hot Springs about the culture and landscape of southern Arkansas that shaped the adolescence of former president Bill Clinton. The work’s name comes from Clinton’s birth name, which he changed at age 16.  Bonnie goes from red and white checkered decked out vintage cowgirl and kazoos to black evening gown and opera in a few seconds. It works.

“AETN Presents: On the Front Row With Bonnie Montgomery and Montgomery Trucking” airs Friday at 6:30 p.m. followed by PBS Arts from New York “Great Performances: Andrea Bocelli in Central Park" at 9.