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“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: The Bothersome Brother”

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This week on “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” we’re learning about kite-building, compromise and getting along with our siblings! Come with us to find out how we can all give a little to find a good outcome and why it’s important to find ways to get along with our brothers and sisters – even when it can take a little work – at 9:07 a.m. inside “Rise and Shine” with “The Bothersome Brother.”


Inside the episode:


In “The Bothersome Brother,” Blueberry and Max are excited for the end of summer kite competition at camp. That is … until Max’s step-brother, Miles, drops by for a visit. Now, Blueberry has to ease this sibling rivalry so their kites can take to the skies.


To dig deeper together, Blueberry and viewers will:

• Go “Up, Up and Away!” when they learn about what the types of materials they need to make different kinds of kites soar with  Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub’s Errin Stanger, Chris Jones, Adam Kittrell, Kendle Carter, Casey Jeffery and Adam McEvoy .

• Learn “How Does My Kite Fly?” and explore the forces at play that help kites take to the sky – plus, learn about how to make two types of kites yourself – with Scott Family Amazeum's Alexandra Smith and Emerson Johnson.

• Sing  mömandpöp’s new song “My Kite and I.”


Sneak peeks:



“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub”


What do you need to build a kite that flies well … but not so well that you get carried away? The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub’s Errin Stanger, Chris Jones, Adam Kittrell, Kendle Carter, Casey Jeffery and Adam McEvoy are helping Max and Blueberry find the balance! Watch now to learn how to find materials that are strong but light, the different kinds of kites you can make, and all about kites’ important parts.



“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Scott Family Amazeum”

The science of flight is quite “uplifting”! Visit the Scott Family Amazeum with Max, Blueberry and Miles to find out how working with forces – lift, gravity, drag and tension – can let any kind of kite fly high in the air! Plus, the Amazeum’s Alexandra Smith and Emerson Johnson will show us how to make two kinds of kites: a diamond kite and a box kite.


Family Activities:


Looking for even more “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” fun? You can check out our free “Episode 4” printables to connect the dots and take a stab at “Becoming Blueberry” with a cut-out mask!




Download the Blueberry Connect-the-Dots Activity here.




Print your own “Become Blueberry!” Mask Activity sheet here.




Friday, Aug. 13, 2021


“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: The Bothersome Brother,” 9:07 a.m.


Watch live on AR PBS-1, Arkansas PBS App or the PBS Video App. Following the premiere, watch on-demand on our YouTube channel or the PBS Video App.




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