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“Blueberry’s Clubhouse” – Give Your Brain a Boost With UAMS STAR

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The UAMS STAR team is here to give your brain a boost with a physical activity memory game that will help Blueberry, Max and YOU remember where her caterpillar is! Did you know that our brains love when we are physically active? Whether you’re playing catch with a family member, riding your bicycle, putting on your favorite tune and dancing, or taking in the views while hiking through nature, there are countless ways to stay active while having fun!

What is STAR?

School Telemedicine in Arkansas (STAR) is a unique, wildly successful Arkansas-based program that motivates and guides 5th through 8th grade students to reduce and prevent obesity and address behavioral health concerns at school and at home. Created through a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant in 2016, STAR has been repeatedly recognized by its students, school officials and national organizations for its ability to effectively prevent and reduce obesity by making fitness and nutrition fun for young adults. Having served approximately 1,500 students in four rural school districts in Arkansas, STAR leaders are searching for new schools and geographic areas to expand its influential message of school-based fitness, weight loss and balanced mental health.

STAR Services

STAR blends live interactive telemedicine services and interactive web-based education to empower Arkansas’s children and adolescents to live healthier, more active lives through healthy lifestyle promotion and psychiatric behavioral health.

STAR delivers school-based obesity prevention and reduction through a partnership between the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). Healthy lifestyle promotion is broken into two tiers:

  • Tier 1 offers all students fitness, nutrition and behavioral health support.
  • Tier 2 offers at-risk students all of the same offerings in Tier 1 but uses telemedicine technology to facilitate student counseling sessions with nutrition, exercise science or behavioral health professionals once a month.
  • HealthyNow Coaching from Learn on Demand on Vimeo/p>

    Learn more about free HealthyNow Coaching from Learn on Demand on Vimeo.

    Wide Shot of Crew Filming UAMS STAR segement for Blueberry’s Clubhouse

    Ongoing Activities

    Let’s face it: school is going to look a bit different this year. From later start dates and less-crowded classrooms to virtual learning opportunities, a lot has changed. One thing that has remained constant, however, is STAR’s commitment to helping students live healthier, happier lives. Here are a few of the things that STAR will be doing this school year to help accomplish that goal:

  • One-on-one telemedicine consultations with registered dietitians, exercise science consultants, and behavioral health consultants (COVID-19 modification: at home telemedicine consultations)
  • Weekly physical activity and nutrition challenges led by college-student mentors
  • Physical activity videos for a wide range of skill levels, led by college-student mentors
  • Online fun and interactive educational modules that follow the state health education framework
  • Additional healthy lifestyle promotion social media content
  • Weekly physical activity challenges accessible to the public
  • Check out STAR’s website or social media for more:

    Facebook: STARUAMSIDHI

    Instagram: UAMSSTAR

    The STAR Team would like to thank Arkansas PBS for the opportunity to provide resources to Arkansans to help live healthier lifestyles. We hope our efforts will keep students healthy, both of mind and body, now and in the future.

    This publication was made possible by grant number H2ARH30305 from the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth, Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS.

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