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“Blueberry’s Clubhouse” – Exploring Arkansas State Parks With Your Family

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You are welcome at Arkansas State Parks There are 52 state parks all across The Natural State; every Arkansan has at least one state park within an hour’s drive from your home.

Your Arkansas state parks are also free to enjoy. Your family may enjoy planning a day trip together that includes a picnic and a hike. Some parks are close together too, so you could go on an all-day adventure, and visit two or three state parks or even camp overnight or rent a cabin. Many of our lake and river state parks offer kayak, paddleboard, and boat rentals if you want to explore in a fun and different way.

Watch a video of why Arkansas state parks are so special to our visitors:

Become an Arkansas State Parks Explorer

The Arkansas State Parks Explorer program helps kids connect their hearts and minds to state parks. Children with a range of ages and life experiences enjoy this free program, which you can start and finish at any state park. Just ask for the Explorer Field Guide from park staff and get started with the activities. While the program is designed for children 6-14 years old, it’s a lot fun for families to do together. Once completed, the child gets to take the park explorer pledge and receives a special badge and certificate to mark his or her accomplishment. (Don’t worry ,parents, you can get one, too, if you like!)

Arkansas State Parks Explorer Program

Arkansas State Parks Passport

You can document your Arkansas state park visits using our new Passport. Pick up your free Passport at an Arkansas State Park visitor center and begin recording your travels. Passports can be stamped at a visitor center, or you can make a rubbing of the stamp in parks where there isn’t a visitor center.

Arkansas State Parks Passport Program

Find a Trail

From the Ozark National Forest to the Mississippi River, you’ll find all hiking and mountain bike trails in Arkansas state parks all over the state. You can search by difficulty level, trail type, and location to find the best trail for your excursion. Click a trail for a map of its location, number of miles, estimated hiking time, accessibility, and much more. If you need more information or have questions about the trail or safety, you can ask our park staff by calling before your visit or when you get to the park. We love helping you plan ahead and explore.

We also offer a unique trail experience through Monument Trails, which are world-class mountain biking destinations within Arkansas State Parks, that showcase natural iconic beauty, innovation and sustainability. These multi-use trails offer enduring outdoor experiences to trail riders of all skill levels, with an adventure-minded approach that ensures accessibility for users.

Arkansas State Parks Hiking

Digital Discovery

We aim for everyone to form a personal, meaningful "sense of place" with state parks. Experiencing our parks’ natural, cultural, and historical resources is enjoyable, engaging and experiential. Even if you can't visit a state park in person — or if you want to enjoy further online exploration before or after your trip – our hope is that you find that connection through videos, programs, photo essays, and articles in the Digital Discovery section of our website.

Stay the Night

Want to explore and stay the night? We have five lodge parks with hotel-like accommodations, or you can rent a cabin on a mountaintop or camp  by a crystal-clear lake. We also have YURTs at some of our parks, so if you don’t have camping gear, you can still have a unique camping experience.

Arkansas State Parks Accomodations

Come See Us

You are invited to come visit us. You belong here. We are excited to welcome you to Arkansas State Parks and help you make meaningful, lifetime memories.

Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and visit to learn more about everything we have to offer. Use #ARStateParks to share your Arkansas State Parks experiences with us.

About Arkansas State Parks

Arkansas State Parks is a division of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism. Arkansas state parks and museums cover 54,400 acres of forest, wetlands, fish and wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation facilities and unique historic and cultural resources. The system includes 1,100 buildings (including 183 historic structures), six National Historic Landmarks, a National Natural Landmark, 16 sites on the National Register of Historic Places, and War Memorial Stadium.

The state parks have 1,800 campsites, 1,050 picnic sites, 208 cabins, five lodges, and 415 miles of trails. Eight million visitors annually come from all regions of the country. Park staffs provide over 42,000 education programs, activities and special events to more than 700,000 participants each year.

Established in 1923, Arkansas State Parks preserve special places for future generations, provide quality recreation and education opportunities, enhance the state’s economy through tourism, and provide leadership in resource conservation. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and visit and to learn more about everything we have to offer. Use #ARStateParks to share your Arkansas State Parks experiences with us.