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“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Camp Counselor Carol’s Fearful Phobia”

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This week on “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” we’re learning about good health and facing your fears! Come with us to find out why even grown-ups get scared and how doctors and healthcare friends help us at 9:07 a.m. inside “Rise and Shine” with “Camp Counselor Carol’s Fearful Phobia.”


Inside the episode:


In “Camp Counselor Carol’s Fearful Phobia,” our grown-up friend has to go to the doctor, but she’s terrified of her medical visit. Blueberry is astounded! She didn’t think grown-ups got scared at all. Together, the whole gang learns lessons about being healthy, taking care of themselves and facing their fears!


To dig deeper together, Blueberry and viewers will:

• Say “Doctor, Give Me the News!” when they learn about giving yourself a “Self Check-up,” making health choices and finding out what to expect on a doctor visit with Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Emily Smith.

• Sound the “Germ Alarm!” and explore what germs are, why can they bad, when they can help us, and how good handwashing habits can help keep our bodies safe with Mid America Science Museum's Casey Wiley.

• Sing  mömandpöp’s new song “A Little Bit Afraid.”


Sneak peeks:



“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Arkansas Children’s Hospital”


Going to the doctor can be fun but, sometimes, if kids or grown-ups don’t know what to expect, it can make them nervous. A great way to help overcome that fear is to have a “Self Check-Up” so that you know what to expect when you’re there! Learn how to now – from checking your height and talking about healthy habits to taking your own pulse – with Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Emily Smith.




“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Mid America Science Museum!”

What’s all the fuss about germs? These really, really tiny living things – like bacteria, viruses and fungus – are so small that we can’t normally see them, but they’re all around us every day! Go to the lab and take a closer look to find out more about which germs can make us sick, which ones help us, and how we can keep bad germs out of our bodies with Mid-America Science Museum’s Casey Wiley.


Family Activities:


Looking for even more “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” fun? You can check out our free “Episode 3” printables to prove who’s got the “beets” and make your very own bookmark!


We got the Beets! black and white line drawing Coloring Sheet featuring a beet with a cassette player and headphones inside a colored Blueberry’s Clubhouse frame


Download the “We Got the Beets” coloring sheet here.


Printable bookmarks featuring black and white line drawings of the Blueberry's Clubhouse logo Juneberry and Blueberry inside a Blueberry's Clubhouse colored frame


Print your own Blueberry Bookmark Activity here.




Friday, Aug. 6, 2021


“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Camp Counselor Carol’s Fearful Phobia,” 9:07 a.m.


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