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Between the Bytes With Mary Kate: How Important Is Sleep, Really?

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Hey guys! It’s Mary Kate again and doomsday is here: it’s finals week. Seriously. Pray, cross your fingers, find a four leaf clover – whatever kind of luck you believe in – do it for every college student you know, because we’re going to need it over the next week.

Of course, the week before finals (and during finals week) every professor decides that his or her class is the most important and springs a 10-page paper on you … or a group project that is worth half your grade and has to be done in three days. Naturally, with this phenomenon occurring, the level of sleep college students are getting is minimal at best. “Braincraft” from PBS Digital Studios addresses this unfortunate reality for many a student.

“Braincraft” studies the neuroscience and psychology behind various behaviors and personality quirks; in this case, specifically, they have several videos on the topic of sleep. There are at least five videos the host, Vanessa Hill, devotes to sleep, such as: “The Amazing Effects of Sleep (And Lack of It),” “Sleep Drunkenness Explained,” “How to Beat Jet Lag” (for all you world traveling college students out there), and “Can You Fake Sleep?” (You’ll be thrilled to know that the answer is yes).

So, while finals week is hard on many college students, “Braincraft” continues to show the importance of sleep because, after all, the two most important things to most college students are sleep and food. Check out “Braincraft” from PBS Digital Studios to find out more about sleep and more importantly how you can fake it.



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Mary Kate Mansfield is a senior at the University of Central Arkansas working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Journalism and will graduate in December of 2017. She is also the editor of the UCA yearbook “The Scroll” and an intern for AETN’s Marketing and Outreach department.