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Between the Bytes With Mary Kate: Grabbing a Byte

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Hey guys! It’s Mary Kate, here, and I’m thinking about food. Mostly because it’s lunchtime and I have scheduled all of my classes straight through lunch (way to go, me) but also because who doesn’t love food? In fact, I think my entire generation of millennials loves food given the number of food blogs on the internet currently. The interesting part about food blogs is the various angles you can take. There are food blogs that will bring their readers with them around the world in their travels and quests for food, and there are other food bloggers that will take you back in time to when Julia Child lived in France and was at the beginning of her career as a chef and writing her first cookbook (Can you tell what movie I was watching when I wrote this?).

PBS Digital Studios has come up with a new and interesting angle to this food blogging idea with the channel “Everything but the News.” This channel, though not specifically a food blog, sometimes produces videos about the convergence of food and technology in the San Francisco Bay Area. These videos are also classic procrastination videos (you know the ones, when it’s one in the morning and you’re putting off a paper that is due the next day), they literally made a video about the best toast ever. If that isn’t procrastination material I don’t know what is! (Not that I’m condoning procrastination …)

Food isn’t the only thing “Everything but the News” makes videos about, though: this channel primarily is a channel about technology. They find ways to make cool, new technology apply to the everyday lives of pretty much anyone.

They have something for all areas of interest, whether it’s a video on whether you should use facial recognition in online dating profiles or a video about Instacart, the Uber for groceries.

So, check out “Everything but the News” from PBS Digital Studios and wish me luck on not stealing the fries of the guy next to me!


“Everything but the News”

PBS Digital Studios

Mary Kate Mansfield is a senior at the University of Central Arkansas working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Journalism and will graduate in December of 2017. She is also the editor of the UCA yearbook “The Scroll” and an intern for AETN’s Marketing and Outreach department.