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Behind the Scenes with Wayland Holyfield and Friends

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Last night, 4 Arkansas songwriters--Wayland Holyfield, Mark Wright, Shawn Camp and Randy Goodrum--performed to a full house at AETN studios as part of "AETN Presents: On the Front Row."

When you're a songwriter you have to get used to people never really believing you when you tell them who you are.  Randy Goodrum probably summed it up best: "You'll be some place and you'll hear your song and you'll say 'Hey, I wrote that.' and people will look at you and wonder if they should call security."

Although you may not recognize their faces, you'd have no problem recognizing their songs. Perhaps you've heard of Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance," Mark Chesnutt's "Goin' Through the Big D," George Strait's "Today My World Slipped Away," Garth Brook's "Two Pina Coladas," Brooks & Dunn's "How Long Gone," Steve Perry's "Oh Sherrie," Anne Murray's "You Needed Me," and "Could I Have This Dance," Chicago's "If She Would Have Been Faithful...," and Don William's "You're My Best Friend."

That's just a handful of the many songs these men have written, co-written, or produced. Nevermind the fact that these men are also fantastic musicians.

Each of the artists are Arkansas natives and many had family and friends in the audience so it made for a very intimate performance. During the show, Holyfield, Wright, Camp and Goodrum shared personal stories about their lives as songwriters, mixing in hilarious anecdotes about being on the road and trying to sell their songs.

Many Arkansans are familiar with "Arkansas (You Run Deep in Me,) which Holyfield performed as the last song in the show. We had a few people tell us that song brings a tear to their eye and they weren't kidding. It's amazing and great that a song can be that powerful to someone.

We also must mention how nice these men were as well--not only did they do one heck of a show, but they were nice enough to do a meet and greet with some of their biggest fans after the show.

Don't forget: if you had your picture taken with the artists, be sure to visit our Flickr page  where you can download your photo for free. You can also check out photos from other events AETN has been a part of.

We hope you enjoyed the show and if you couldn't make it here's a little behind-the-scenes footage.

AETN will produce a commemorative "Arkansas (You Run Deep in Me)" DVD including Holyfield performing the song in the AETN studios, the original AETN sign off with the song, an exclusive interview with Holyfield, a photo gallery from the "AETN Presents" taping and an audio download of the song. Visit for more information about the DVD.

"AETN Presents: On the Front Row with Wayland Holyfield and Friends" will air on the all-new season of AETN Presents beginning this Fall.