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Be Sure to Watch! "Wild Kratts" a mix of "Nature" and "Sid the Science Kid"

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A new favorite program in my house these days is "Wild Kratts", a remake of an old favorite that is begged for at bedtime, for that ltitle t.v. treat promised after pj's are on and teeth are brushed.  (We call it Wild Kats since my four-year-old can't QUITE get the r in there).  That's fine with me, 10 minutes of learning about the habits and environment of a different animal each time, both in animation and 'real' people is completely educational and opens up lots of room for questions and exploring behavior with my kiddos.  

I'm not sure which episode is my favorite (we keep them all on DVR to watch again), it may be the worm episode.  Or the beaver episode.  Do you know why worms stay underground?  Do you know why Beavers build dams?  I should know these answers, but apparently I don't....I still love learning and if it takes a partially animated PBS show to do it, so be it.  I learn something every time and my enthusiasm for the wonders of nature rubs off on my kids.  We talk and talk and my son asks me questions the next day about what we saw the day before.  I love that.  My daughter will bust out with some fact she learned in a random part of our day.  They see things that were on the show out of the window and we talk again.  My daughter likes them all, she likes the 'guy in the green shirt' because he's 'funny'.  My son eats it all up - Martin and his brother Chris go on adventures to the Arctic, rain forests, in the ocean and learn about nature, science, and the environment.  It's really good, good stuff.  I'm digging the draco lizard these days.  He can fly.  Really far.  Sweet.  See, I learned something...and I'm old.  

The website is pretty great too - games, videos, science, etc.  Visit and catch it on AETN at 4 p.m. each day.