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Austin City Limits - Wilco

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I was watching Austin City Limits the other night and Wilco was on, preforming songs from their 2007 album, Sky Blue Sky.  It was a great performance.  I have had friends that swore by their music for years, but I had never felt any kind of draw to them - that is until late last year when I purchased their most recent album Wilco, Self-titled.  Its a decent album.  There are some really good songs on it - but still - I didnt understand what the big deal was about this band?  The performance I watched of them on ACL changed all that.


Immediately after finishing the ACL episode I ran to my computer, pulled up iTunes and downloaded Sky Blue Sky.  Its been a great album.  Its rare for me to come across an album that I can enjoy beginning to end - this is one of those albums.  The album starts out with a mellow, mainly acoustic song, called Either Way, and takes listeners on a roller coaster ride filled with melodic solos, harmonized vocals, catchy off-beat rhythms, and beautiful, heart-felt lyrics.  Its a wonderful listen.

What are some of your favorite Wilco songs? Albums?

Why do you enjoy them?