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Ask This Old House in Little Rock

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Today at the River Market in Little Rock, "Ask This Old House" hosts Kevin O'Connor and Tom Silva treated more than 100 fans to a taping of a new 'workshop' segment of the show.  Tricks of the trade, home improvement questions from the audience and a workshop on fixing window screens led to two hours of learning and fun on a rainy Tuesday morning.  What we quickly discovered is that people don't just like this show, they LOVE this show - and have for years, for their entire childhoods into adulthood, it's a family affair, it's the only show they regularly DVR...and the lovefest goes on.  It was kinda like Christmas came early....sitting on the edge of seats....eyes glossing....hands in the air - pick me! pick me!  Perhaps my most favorite convo with a fan included a petite woman in her later years who had spent thousands of dollars on her kitchen and was now trying to do it herself to save money - and this woman was no slacker, but as I soon learned a true do it yourself-er....she named a few different types of saws so she had me from the get go.  I couldn't look away.  She railed for 20 minutes on the woes of kitchen repair and shoddy workmanship and "I need my kitchen!"  She explained how she used her car jack to literally 'jack up' her cabinets.  (I'm fairly sure she meant that in the several contexts you can probably come to on your own.)  "I love my fridge and that's about it," she said.  She left praising the show....claiming it to be "The Oprah of home improvement shows."  Well, after today, who can argue with that.

The 'Little Rock' episode will air this January on AETN.  Stay tuned to for the exact date.  To see photos from today's event, visit