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Arkansas STEM Girls “Explore and Discover” Workshop

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Do you know a young woman in grades 4-7 who would love an opportunity to put her STEM skills to great use? Then be sure to register for her space at the “Explore and Discover” Workshop and meet us at Fayetteville’s NWA Fab Lab Saturday, April 29!

This free “Explore and Discover” workshop is a partnership between Arkansas STEM Girls and the NWA Fab Lab and will be held from 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. The workshop will feature three sessions: Electronics, Laser Cutting and Engraving, and 3-D Printing.

In the Electronics Session, NWA Fab Lab Chief Maker Eugene Sargent will introduce Arkansas STEM Girls to the Arduino Nano — a small, user-friendly microcontroller — which is a gateway to a universe of possibilities! Together, the session participants will learn how to connect LED lights and a sensor and how to make them work together with a bit of simple code. Every STEM girl will also get to take her own kit — including an Arduino and a few components — so that she can continue creating and experimenting on her own!

For the Laser Cutter and Engraving Session, NWA Fab Lab Director Tiffany Dixon will join us for some exciting projects! STEM girls will get hands-on experience with laser engravers to make a custom box that will be used to develop a light projection box. Each girl will take her idea to creation by personalizing her box with a custom graphic they’ll create using software at the Fab Lab.

Technology Educator and NWA3D Founder Drew Wallis will lead the 3-D printing Session. Not entirely certain what 3-D printing is? It’s when a robot melts biodegradable plastic into layers in the shape of whatever a STEM girl designs on a computer. In the 3-D printing session, girls will learn about 3D printing, design their own 3-D models and print the models they create using the 3-D printers at the NWA Fab Lab.

While the “Explore and Discover” workshop is free, registration is required and space is limited. To reserve your Arkansas STEM Girl’s space, sign up now at Parents will also be responsible for arranging transportation to and from the NWA Fab Lab. For further information, contact AETN Community Education Coordinator Karen Walker at


Saturday, April 29, 2017

“Explore and Discover” Workshop, 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

NWA Fab Lab

21 W. Mountain Street, Suite 123, Garden Level
Fayetteville, Arkansas


Contact AETN Community Education Coordinator Karen Walker at