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Arkansas STEM Girls Camp

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AETN is proud to host Arkansas STEM Girls Camp Thursday, July 21, and we have some exciting sessions with outstanding presenters slated! Read on for a preview of the amazing material our expert guests will explore, and discover for yourself just a few of the phenomenal STEM career paths available to young women across the state.

“Build a Bot” STEM Session

In this lesson, students will build a machine that converts stored energy into linear motion! The Explorer Bot our STEM Girls will build uses a system of gears to transfer energy between a hairspring and the wheels and axles of the bot's drive-train. The travel distance of the Bot can be changed by adjusting the amount of energy stored within the drive-train system. Through building and operating this machine, STEM Girls will explore how simple machines can be used to convert potential energy into motion.

Session leaders: Rick Fields and Erica Fields of 4-H Youth Development

Rick Fields is the Science and Curriculum Coordinator for the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, 4-H Youth Development program. Rick's duties include developing research-based, hands-on 4-H Science curricula and programs. He is a graduate of Alabama A&M University, where he earned a master's degree in Plant and Soil Science, concentrating on GIS and Remote Sensing.

  Erica Fields is the After-school Program Coordinator for the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, 4-H Youth Development program. She is responsible for partnering with youth-serving organizations and providing after-school educators with research based curriculum and hands on training to help improve the quality and quantity of Arkansas’ after-school programs. Erica has earned degrees in both Psychology and Business Management and is a graduate of Alabama A&M University.

“Adventures in Pharmacy” STEM Session

What is it like to be a pharmacist? In this session, Arkansas STEM Girls will learn what a career in pharmacy looks like from Dr. Kendrea Jones’ first-hand experience. Dr. Jones will also provide a practical demonstration of how to use a glucometer for blood glucose/sugar testing.

Session leader: Dr. Kendrea Jones of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)

Dr. Kendrea Jones is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the UAMS College of Pharmacy and the clinical pharmacist for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Burn Center. She received her Pharm.D. from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 2005. After graduation she completed two residency programs, one specializing in the management of critical care patients. Dr. Jones joined the college of pharmacy in 2007. In addition to her clinical role, she teaches in several courses at the college of pharmacy, precepts pharmacy students monthly, and serves on several college and state committees.  Dr. Jones is married and has a 5-year-old son, a 2-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old Weimaraner.

“Code Like a Girl” STEM Session

In this session, young women will learn about computer programming (coding) and work collaboratively in groups to create an awesome computer program!

Session Leader: Michell Talley of Axciom

Michelle has been coding for over 20 years. She is currently a Senior Software Developer at Acxiom Corporation. Michelle has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and a M.S. in Applied Computing from the University of Central Arkansas. She has held various IT roles from project manager to client consultant for several companies as well as owned her own business. Michelle has a passion for helping young women discover their inner geek and learn more about computers and technology.

“Super Sleuths” STEM Session

Arkansas STEM Girls will take the roles of crime scene investigators in this session by collecting trace evidence and comparing it to samples collected from several suspects. To determine which suspect’s sample matches the evidence, our STEM Super Sleuths will explore visible, physical characteristics. Students will practice skills such as observing, questioning, problem solving, paying attention to details, and drawing conclusions based on findings.

Session Leader: Karen Walker, AETN Community Education

Karen Walker, AETN’s Community Education & Intern Coordinator, has facilitated Kid’s Camps for several years. She hosts workshops for youth, families and community members to promote out-of-school and adult education throughout the state of Arkansas. Karen has been instrumental in expanding the STEM initiatives in Central Arkansas by piloting Arkansas STEM Girls, which targets 5th-8th grade girls. This program is catching fire around the state, encouraging young girls’ interest in STEM fields during a critical time when they are starting to make decisions regarding a career path.

“STEM Writing” Session

How do you “translate” research results into everyday language for people who aren’t familiar with your topics? Arkansas STEM Girls will explore in this session on technical writing for the sciences.

Session Leader: Linda Williams of UAMS

Linda Williams is a scientist and writer with specialties in science, medicine, 3D printing, and space. She has more than two-dozen books to her credit, along with many general and science related articles. Ms. Williams’ research has ranged from biochemistry and microbiology to genetics and human enzymes. She has worked as a lead scientist and technical writer for NASA, McDonnell Douglas Space Systems, and Rice University and served as a science speaker for the Medical Sciences Division at NASA-Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. She is also the founder of the Science Café in Little Rock, Arkansas, a public venue for the discussion of science topics. Currently, Ms. Williams serves as the UAMS Research Liason.


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