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"Arkansas Quiz Bowl 2018" Champions

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Hosting the “Arkansas Quiz Bowl 2018: Governor’s Academic Competition” on Saturday, April 28 was a highlight for all of AETN staff and a treat, we know, for our viewers!

It was truly a meeting of masterminds, and each match showcased the quick thinking and scholarship of the Arkansas Governor’s Quiz Bowl Association’s best and brightest teams. After competing in and winning difficult AGQBA regional and conference brackets to claim their places in the “Arkansas Quiz Bowl 2018” competition, every team playing in the state finals displayed outstanding ability.

Through a series of questions, players displayed their knowledge of literature, math, science, history music and economics and performed to high standards. With lightning round runs, nail biting finishes and outstanding performances across the boards, it was a thrilling day! We were deeply impressed by the intellect and preparation of all the teams that participated and we look forward to seeing all these exceptional scholars accomplish in years to come!

Final rankings for “Arkansas Quiz Bowl 2018” were as follows:

1A Conference:

Haas Hall Academy Bentonville — 2018 Champions

Haas Hall Bentonville 1A Quiz Bowl Champion 2018

Team members include: Rayahn Sharif, Eddie Hunter, Kenton Roberts, DJ Quzada, Duncan Wilkie, Adam Rockwood, Logan Edmund, Nikita Venugopal, Claire Fraser, Katelyn Webb, Sophie Yarbrough, Julianne Rabal and Coach Simon Gooch

Norfork High School — Runners Up

Norfork 1A Quiz Bowl Runner-up 2018

Team members include: Chris Staples, Cody Foster, Kristin Kite, Jaden Bennett, Thomas Lawhorn, Pam Braun, Bentley Branscum, Elijah Hammond and Coach Stacy Havner

2A Conference:

Conway Christian — 2018 Champions

Conway Christian 2A Quiz Bowl Champs 2018

Team members include: Thomas Williams, Jacob Bowman, Jackson Quick, Lane McSpadden, Timothy, Loftness, Marshall Cunningham, Coach Claire Summers, Bo Cunningham, Katie Bowman, Marlie Moix, Abby Austin and Coach Sarah Nordin

Rison High School — Runners Up

Rison 2A Quiz Bowl Runner-up 2018

Team members include: Dawson Stuckey, Davis Wilson, Daniel Rawls, Lindsey Tilley, Jacey Totty, Nicholas Wilson, Cheryl Patrick, Jeff Mathis, Hagan Wilson, Nathan Hendrix, Samantha Herrington, Greg Rowland, Josh Humphrey and Coach Kelly Holt

3A Conference:

— Centerpoint High School 2018 Champions

 Centerpoint 3A Quiz Bowl Champs 2018

Team members include: Hannah Diggs, Mason Thomas, Jared Alesi, Justin Woodall, Linnie Hampton, Madi Tate, Joanna Sutton (Coach), Macy Skorcz, Jonathan Daniel, Grace Burnett, Mark Francis, Keaton Goocher, Sierra Cates and Isaac Fendley

Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville — 2018 Runners Up

Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville 3A Quiz Bowl Runner-up 2018

Team members include: Javian Walter, Caleb Bodishbaugh, Nathan Friede, Aubin Payne, Hamaad Mehal, Sai Sirigineedi, Tad Sours (Coach), Ashwin Narayan, Nathanael Harris, Vivek Narayan, Anshuman Nandy, Nicholas Collyge and Corinne DeSpain

4A Conference:

Huntsville High School — 2018 Champions

Huntsville 4A Quiz Bowl Champs 2018

Team members include: Mark Meythaler, Caitlin Adler, Alan Young, Stetson Ledbetter, Coach Joshua King, Nathaniel Bryan, Assistant Coach Tyler Turz, Devin Middleton, Abby Bryan, Megan Both and Natalie French

Hamburg High School — Runners Up

Hamburg High School 4A Quiz Bowl Runner-up 2018

Team members include: David Johnston, Walker Davis, Reid Mansur, Brenda O'Fallen, Sarah Harrod, Assistant Coach Eddie Tucker, Luis Gallegos, Coach Emily Wisener and Ethan Harrod

5A Conference:

Little Rock Christian Academy — 2018 Champions

Little Rock Christian Academy 5A Quiz Bowl Champs 2018

Team members include: Phillip Dileo, Matthew Dileo, Alex Bratton, Cade Daniel, Cole Williams, John Investor, Luke Hankins, Justin Patty, Tristan Eoff, Gavin McGilcray, Danny Erlandson (Coach)

Pulaski Academy — Runners Up

Pulaski Academy 5A Quiz Bowl Runner-up 2018

Team members include: Jake White, Aryan Amani, Bree Hopper, Daniel Block, Daniel Ahmadi, Jacob Harris (Coach), Calvin Chaney, Daniel Crabb, Madison Aldy, Diane Lafferty (Coach)

6A Conference:

Russellville High School — 2018 Champions

Russellville High School 6A Quiz Bowl Champs 2018

Team members include: Mariah Ferguson, Jasmine Gonzalez, Maddi Chaffin, Franky Facun, Yoshio Yamashita, Michael Draughon, Regan Freeman, Olivia Draughon, Mihal Anwar, Emily Kennard, Coach Paul Gray, Cameron Steed, Isabella Blair, Sarah Balenko, Nathan Judd, Carlos Segovia and Johnny Barham

Greenwood High School — Runners Up

Greenwood 6A Quiz Bowl Runner-up 2018

Team members include: Coach Rick Crow, Gayla Stilley, Blake Bartlett, Olivia Brown, Tyler Merreighn, Amber Alzufari, Taylor Aishman, Andrew Freeman, Ashlyn Barton, Hannah Cox, Caroline Kelley, Hannah McAdams and Coach Carrah Efurd

7A Conference:

Conway High School — 2018 Champions

Conway 7A Quiz Bowl Champs 2018

Team members include: Matt Depner, Hunter Davis, Harrisson Hite, Kate Parrack, Nada Tolba, Paula McKee, Archer Murray, Hunter Fleming, Mitchell Lovely and Coach Jacob Paxton

Fayetteville High School — Runners Up

Fayetteville 7A Quiz Bowl Runner-up 2018

Team members include: Ana Reif, Kaushil Sampath, Fletcher Hall, Jordan Marsh, Grace Li, Ben Pierce, Henry Tullis, Kevin Liu, Alex Marsh, Victoria Bogomilova, Grace Killian, Austin Liu, Coach Amber Pinter and Assistant Coach Rachel Hiller

AETN is proud to continue the annual broadcast of this scholastic tradition and to see such talented students representing districts from across the state every year. Congratulations to all of our 2018 players! It was an outstanding competition made possible by the dedicated work of wonderful volunteers, partners and viewers.


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