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Arkansas Quiz Bowl 2016 Champions

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AETN was thrilled to host the “Arkansas Quiz Bowl 2016: Governor’s Academic Competition” on Saturday, April 23.

A true tournament of champions, each match showcased the intellect and scholarship of Arkansas’s best and brightest teams. The teams playing in the state finals had each cleared and won difficult Arkansas Governor's Quiz Bowl Association regional and conference brackets to claim their place in the state’s final round. And their performance the final stage of competition made 2016 a year to remember!

Through a series of questions — which required players to display their knowledge of literature, math, science, history, music and economics — each conference match required students to perform in outstanding fashion. We were greatly impressed by the quick thinking and dedicated preparation of all teams and look forward to seeing all these exceptional Arkansas students accomplish in coming years.

Final rankings for “Arkansas Quiz Bowl 2016” were as follows:

1A Conference: 

Norfork High School — 2016 Champions


Team members include: Ian Ruegsegger, Elias Maple, Elias Krist, Pam Braun, Jacob Moore, Alex Ruegsegger, Evan Thompson and Stacy Havner (Coach)

LISA Academy North — Runner Up


Team members include: Sahana Bettadapura, Rachel Ward, Samuel Wirges, Manjunath Bettadapura, Ian Sutphin, Angela Ward (Coach), Jason Bowles, Jennie Finch, Daniel Chen and Kierston Rayborn

2A Conference:

Hazen High School — 2016 Champions 


Team members include: Morgan Carroll, Aimee Lease, Laura Morgan (Coach), Jenna Ronquest, Abbi Ross, Ross Harper, Samuel Harper, Parker Kerr and Nathaniel Bradow (Coach)

Conway Christian School — Runner Up


Team members include: Jessica Nunn, Hunter Tollett, Jackson Quick, Alec Ohlde, Sarah Nordin (Coach), Marc Cochran, Scott Austin and Will Callaway

3A Conference: 

Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville — 2016 Champions


Team members include: Gabe Forwards, Aubin Payne, Connor Fritsch, Ryan Hoyt, Ethan Horton, Hannah Foster, Samuel Lipson, Sai Sirigineedi, Caleb Bodishbaugh, Blake Buck, Pearce Hungate, Parker Morrison, Paulina Jeng and Tad Sours (Coach)

Episcopal Collegiate School — Runner Up


Team members include: Steven Angivaco, Jack Carney, Adam Hall, Anna Feldman, Sadie Flannery, Bruce Hall, Ethan Strauss and Stanislaus Whittlesey (Coach)


4A Conference: 

Subiaco Academy — 2016 Champions 


Team members include: Axel Wtamatungiro, Walker Cobb, Jesus Calvillo, Andy Davis, Nick Langston, Brother Matthias Hagge (OSB), Juan Felipe Martinez, Davis Elliot, Will Owens, Ryan Kimberly, Haegen Hess, Diego Calvillo and Jared Schluterman (Coach)

Brookland High School — Runner Up


Team members include: Taylor Watkins, Kallen Smith, Hannah Seats, Olivia Langner, Austin Chlapecka (Coach), Dalton Thompson, Nathan Baggett, Zach Proctor and Lucas Thompson

5A Conference: 

Little Rock Christian Academy — 2016 Champions


Team members include: Luke Hankins, Tyler Blaszak, Cooper Lair, Colton Fisher, Hogden Bradberry, Gunner Dobbins, Danny Erlandson (Coach), Craig Lair

Harrison High School — Runner Up


Team members include: Conner Chu, Victoria Chu, Tyler Nelson, Bobby Rose, Matthew Law, Rance King (Coach), Spencer Hinrichs, Beryl Anderson, Colton Simpson, Jonathan Hicks, Elisabeth Oak and Kennon Chu

6A Conference: 

Russellville High School — 2016 Champions 


Team members include: Shirley Garcia, Emily Jordan, Hailey Smith, Sylvia Nupp, Nathan Judd, Giancarlo Sierra, Conlee Hale, Matt Annis, Tyler Tracy, Jeremy Collins, Brandon Cooper (Coach), Chris Schaubroeck, Collin Davis, Brant Collins, Philip Takach, Olivia Draughan, Spencer Skaggs, Regan Freeman and Paul Gray

Sheridan High School — Runner Up


Team members include: Cameron Brownlee, Nathanael Grimes, Sarah Hardloser, Jonathon Jodain, Roy Wilson (Coach), Dylan Thompson and Holton Smith

7A Conference: 

Fayetteville High School — 2016 Champions


Team members include: Jacob Huneycutt, Saoirse Disney-McKeethen, Sarah Bondurant, Bill Bacon, Ryan Kim, Tony Pirani III, Beau Si, Albert Xu, Neil Norberg (Coach) and Nate Magre (Not Pictured)

Conway High School — Runner Up


Team members include: Blaine Booher, Zelda Engeler-Young, Tim Ablondi, Matthew Sweere, Harrisson Hite, Jacob Paxton, Jillian Tang, Hunter Davis, Matt Depner, Tanner Ruth and Paula McKeep

AETN is proud to have broadcasted this scholastic event since 1985 and to see students with such talent representing their districts each year. Congratulations to all of our 2016 players! It was a phenomenal competition, made possible in large part by our wonderful volunteers, partners and dedicated viewers. 


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