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Arkansas PBS Member Spotlight: Linda Coffey

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Say hello to Linda Coffey, a viewer like you from Prairie Grove, Arkansas!


What’s your first memory of watching PBS?


My earliest memories of PBS are of watching “Sesame Street” as a child.  There may have been other shows, but we were not a big "TV" family at all.  The catchy tunes and funny characters and great dialogue were special, and the glimpses of city life were interesting to me and showed me what other cultures were like, also.  As a Missouri farm kid, I was intrigued by what a neighborhood would be like, other languages and people from different places.


What are your favorite PBS shows?


My favorite TV shows now?  Well, remember I am a farm girl: “All Creatures Great and Small” absolutely is top of my list!  The lovely scenery and the story, the incredible actors – top notch!!  I was a James Herriott fan from the first time I read his books, and I was so excited to hear about this series.  It did not disappoint.  I also enjoy anything Jane Austen, travel, mystery, nature, history, health and drama.  I can always find something I enjoy!  I love to watch Ken Burns documentaries, exercise with Miranda on “Classical Stretch,” watch “Professor T,” “Downton Abbey,” music specials ... really, there are too many great shows to mention!  Documentaries that come to my mind include “The Black Church” and “Country Music.”  Outstanding!


How do you watch Arkansas PBS?


I watch Arkansas PBS through the regular TV but also on Arkansas PBS Passport; that is a huge benefit, since I often am not free to watch a show when it airs. Passport makes it more convenient and allows me to choose from such a huge variety of top-quality shows.


Why do you give to and support Arkansas PBS?


I support public TV because I know that what we put into our minds is as important as what we put into our bodies; I value quality entertainment and education, and I get both from PBS.  I trust the information I get from PBS, and I enjoy the entertainment.  And, just like when I was a kid, I see and learn about other cultures and areas that I have not visited and may never visit, but I am enriched and expanded by the content on PBS.  I believe in life-long learning and in understanding others.  Thank you, Arkansas PBS, for providing quality programming that helps me do that!


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