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“Arkansas AMI” – Week 8 Schedule

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Can you believe it’s been seven weeks, and this is our last week of “Arkansas AMI”? Since March 17, we have dedicated the majority of our resources to keep students learning from home. We have an array of programming and learning activities to help children stay engaged and finish the school year strong.

Our Arkansas based partners are providing content this week including the Arkansas Arts Center and UAMS School Telemedicine in Arkansas team, are providing content for this week. During each grade band, partners will present a special enrichment segment. The schedule is as follows: Monday – Math, Tuesday – Arts and Music, Wednesday – G.U.I.D.E. for Life, Thursday – Physical Activity and Friday – Freestyle Friday.

Special guests include: Nathan King and Jessica Miller – UAMS School Telemedicine in Arkansas (STAR) program; Joel Lookadoo – 2020 Arkansas Teacher of the Year and Math Games host; Daniel Collier – Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) technology coordinator, also known as our “Arkansas AMI” Creative Guy; and Susan Jobe – DESE G.U.I.D.E. for Life specialist. Our pre-K-2 band will also enjoy a special feature from the Arkansas Arts Center in their Tuesday arts feature, “Blueberry’s Clubhouse,” to show students the connections between science, engineering, and the arts. Here’s what is store for our final week!

“Arkansas AMI” Week 8 Schedule

Week 8 Schedule Details


“Arkansas AMI” PreK-2nd Grade Band

With 2018 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Randi House we are visiting a planetarium with “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” learning about an animal that stays up all night with “Cat and the Hat Knows a Lot About That!” and taking a trip to the public library to research giant ice worms with “Molly of Denali.” “Peg + Cat” is helping us understand straight, narrow, and curved shapes, and we’re learning about agriculture in the animal world from Leafcutter ants with “Wild Kratts.” Plus, we’ll be learning about friction and how to slow down a moving object with “Odd Squad.” Our favorite math guy, Math Games host 2020 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Joel Lookadoo is teaching us new math skills! And, on Tuesday, Blueberry the puppet and our Arkansas Arts Center friends are designing and constructing shadow puppets with supplies found in their own homes and encouraging students to join them in the challenge on “Blueberry’s Clubhouse”!

“Arkansas AMI” 3-5th Grade Band

This week, 2017 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Courtney Cochran and 2010 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Vandy Nash will help learn algebraic thinking and patterns with “Odd Squad,” discover the secret of the Draco lizard’s gliding abilities with “Wild Kratts,” help us get inspired by Albert Einstein, author Judy Blume, an ice sculptor, Hansel and Gretel, and Norwegian culture with “Kids Stew.” Did you know that you could use logic to sort out your choices so that you can get exactly what you want? Our friends from “Cyberchase” will teach us how. We’ll also learn some new math skills with Math Games host 2020 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Joel Lookadoo.

“Arkansas AMI” 6-8th Grade Band

Along with 2019 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Stacey McAdoo, we are learning about the diverse peoples who settled in the American West with  “America From the Ground Up: Go West,” discovering an evolutionary wonder with “Untamed,” exploring the eastern Sierra at the peak of the fall color show with “Outside Beyond the Lens: Eastside Colors” and finding out new things about the red planet, Mars, with “NOVA – The Planets: Mars.” We’re also learning new math skills with Math Games host 2020 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Joel Lookadoo and taking in a science demonstrations with “Science is Fun: Carbon Dioxide.”

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