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“Arkansas AMI” – Week 4 Schedule

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We are beginning our fourth week of Arkansas AMI, and we’ve added a variety of programs and resources to keep us learning. Take a peek at the new detailed schedule — there’s lots to see and do this week!


We’re thrilled to announce that “Arkansas AMI” will continue to support at-home learning in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education for the remainder of the school year, ending May 22!

Our educational programming and classroom materials — created in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) - will continue to be available via daily broadcasts, live streaming at, on demand and archived at, the free Engage Arkansas PBS app for iPhone and Android, the PBS Video app for mobile and smart devices, and on the Arkansas PBS channel for YouTube TV subscribers.

"Arkansas AMI” Week 4 Schedule

Week 4 Arkanas AMI Schedule


“Arkansas AMI” PreK-2nd Grade Band

This week with Arkansas Department of Education band host Randi House and Math Games host Joel Lookadoo, we’re learning how to figure out the winning pattern, counting by 5s and 10s, working with flat shapes, and finding lines of symmetry with the magic of a ukulele on “Peg + Cat.” We will also be exploring the historic mail run across the Alaskan interior with “Molly of Denali,” learning scientific investigation with “Nature Cat,” discovering how butterflies flutter with “Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!,” and learning how biology knowledge can help win a fishing contest with “Wild Kratts.” Get ready to learn how to tell stories your own way with “Xavier Riddle.”

“Arkansas AMI” 3-5th Grade Band

Arkansas Department of Education band co-hosts Courtney Cochran and Vandy Nash, as well as Math Games host Joel Lookadoo, will help us learn the value of working hard and how to follow your dreams with “Xavier Riddle;” explore the earth’s atmosphere and visit a robotics engineer with “Ready Jet Go!;” discover how to track changes in plants, celebrate spring with a sculpture and learn forensic science with “SciGirls;” and learn how to treat math problems like a challenging game with “Cyberchase.”  Do you know how to collect water while stranded in the desert?  We are learning how with our team from “The Odd Squad”!

“Arkansas AMI” 6-8th Grade Band

This week Arkansas Department of Education band host Stacey McAdoo and Math Games host Joel Lookadoo will help us learn how to compare clouds seen from the ground to satellite images with “SciGirls;” discover the mysteries of our liquid planet with “Changing Seas;” explore Australia’s mesmerizing wildlife and learn about the flamboyant dancing peacock spider with “Magical Land of Oz;” discover the high-powered senses of dogs, sharks, and birds with “NOVA;” and work toward steady ease with the balance pose “Eagle” with “Yoga in Practice.” Have you ever seen thousands of Shaolin Kung Fu students performing in synchronicity? We’re taking a look with “Life From Above.”

Physical Activity Features – UAMS STAR Telemedicines

On Tuesday and Thursday this week, the UAMS STAR Telemedicine team will be joining us for some fun exercise segments. These videos – made possible by grant number H2ARH30305 from the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth, Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS – provide great “brain breaks” and ideas your family can use as energy outlets all week long.

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