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AR-CAN – the Arkansas Citizens Access Network

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The Arkansas PBS and Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced today the launch of AR-CAN – the Arkansas Citizens Access Network, – a web-based network that will provide Arkansans with livestreaming coverage of legislative proceedings, board and commission meetings, and other government hearings and activities.

The goal of AR-CAN is to provide as many livestreaming events as possible, allowing constituents to choose what to watch. For legislative hearings, the livestreams are provided by the House of Representatives and the Senate. AR-CAN will also host streaming of all state agency, board or commission meetings that provide a stream. AETN will use the network’s team of professionals to offer additional meeting streams – the first time many of these meetings and government events have been made readily available to the public without traveling to a physical location. As Arkansas’s educational public media network, AETN is proud to provide an unparalleled educational opportunity and celebrate a new era for government transparency in Arkansas.

Upcoming events currently in the streaming schedule include: the State Board of Finance quarterly meeting Feb. 5, the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Commission meeting Feb. 12, the State Board of Education meeting Feb. 14 and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission meeting Feb. 21. A full schedule of events is available at

Due to the large number of meetings held each month by state agencies and boards, events deemed to have the most public interest will be covered. Suggestions for events to be livestreamed on AR-CAN are encouraged and may be made at

In addition to legislative proceedings and public meetings, AR-CAN will offer livestreaming of select special events including state agency press conferences, official government announcements, major conferences and other state official business.

Videos will remain on the site for approximately 30 days following the live event.


AR-CAN — The Arkansas Citizens Access Network