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All-New Exploration Wednesday

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"Nature: Attenborough's Life Stories" 

From the remarkable reminisces of famed naturalist Sir David Attenborough and the reopening of the Lindbergh Baby’s case to Papua New Guinea’s astounding fauna – which has adapted to outrun and outlast the island’s volcanic eruptions – this AETN Exploration Wednesday promises an evening of exciting television. Join us on Jan. 30 to drink in history and match wits with both mankind and elemental forces, beginning at 7 p.m.

In the second episode honoring the 60th anniversary of Sir David Attenborough’s television career, “Nature – Attenborough’s Life Stories: Understanding the Natural World” continues to explore the three fields Attenborough feels have been transformed most profoundly in his tenure: filmmaking, science and the environment. Richly illustrated with the newly remastered scenes Attenborough has spent his career capturing – as well as in new interviews in which he reviews the content featured – Attenborough takes us behind-the-scenes of his landmark series. It’s an exciting synopsis of a unique career featuring Britain’s most accomplished storyteller’s hair-raising attempts to bring new science to a television audience.

Next, reopen one of the most confounding crime mysteries of all time in “NOVA: Who Killed the Lindbergh’s Baby?” The story is sadly familiar: after becoming the first man to make a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927, Charles Lindbergh became most famous human being on earth. When he and his wife, Anne, had a son, Charlie, the papers dubbed him, “Little Lindy.” But their happiness was cut short. On March 1, 1932, kidnappers snatched the baby from the home. While negotiations wen on for weeks, Charlie was never returned. Eventually, his body was found five miles from the Lindbergh’s hometown. Find out whether a team of expert investigators employing state-of-the-art forensic and behavioral science techniques are able to determine what really happened to the Lindbergh’s baby – and why.

Rounding out the evening at 9 p.m., “Life On Fire: Ash Runners” whisks us away to the volcanic island of New-Britain off the coast of Papua New Guinea, where a handful of clever creatures have learned to interpret and survive mother nature’s violent moods. When ash from a volcanic eruption invades their homes, their choices are simple: live or stay and adapt. Tune in and learn the astounding ways birds, hermit crabs, flying foxes and the majestic Priamus butterflies have changed to survive.


AETN Exploration Wednesday

Jan., 30, 2013

“Nature – Attenborough’s Life Stories: Understanding the Natural World,” 7 p.m.
“NOVA: Who Killed Lindbergh’s Baby?” 8 p.m.
“Life On Fire: Ash Runners,” 9 p.m.