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AETN's Website Gets a Facelift

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We just launched a new look and feel to the AETN Website. Its not a total redesign.  We focused on updating what we already have in place.  We adopted the new PBS branding strategy, made pages a little easier to find, and gave visitors a more welcoming homepage.

The paragraphs below were written by our Web Developer, Larmon VanWinkle.  Without his knowledge and expertise in web development and content system management none of this would have been possible.  We really appreciate all his hard work.  

A few changes you might notice:
1. We are adopting the new PBS branding strategy (mainly the color palette)
2. The addition of social media 'bugs' at the top left
3. A new streamlined Navigation bar at the top
4. A stand alone 'Become a member' tab at top right
5. 'Be more' PBS branding at top

Our goal is to make as user-centered as possible. This is accomplished by
1. leading direct traffic to what they are looking for in an organized, cognitive manner,
2. and informing search engine traffic of who we are, where they are, and what can they do on the website.

The new AETN homepage concentrates AETN's projects, programs, and outreach efforts in to five Calls to Action for our visitors.  
1. Notice emergency,broadcast information, schedule changes, and other announcements.
2. Watch your favorites programs online. Also, find out further information about your favorite programs, discover web-exclusive content, and learn about ways to obtain copies of programs and program products.
3. Engage with AETN.  Read our blog, share your thoughts, and get in the know about whats going on at AETN.
4. Learn about educational opportunities and resources that are offered through workshops and online courses.
5. Support AETN by pledging your support, making a donation and becoming a member of the Arkansas PBS Foundaion.

More and more online visitors are coming in the backdoor of websites via search engines.  The rest of the AETN website has been face-lifted to better inform these users of
1. Who We Are - New masthead stating our Organization name and PBS affiliation.
Where They Are - New banners linking content throughout the site by the five Calls to Action.
3. What other related options are available to them New sidebar links highlight related content that may be of interest to them.

Accomplishing these goals will make for a more enjoyable experience for our users to ensure their future return and support of AETN.