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AETN Student Selects - Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

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In the next three days, we'll be attending the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and providing outstanding opportunities to both young filmmakers and festival attendees as part of Student Selects 2014! Through the 2014 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival's Emerging Filmmakers Program, which is free to students, we're pleased to support and educate Arkansas's student documentary filmmakers learn to use their craft as a way to explore the world, examine history and society, and express through film the issues important to them. The student workshops and screenings we'll be hosting are designed to immerse young filmmakers in the art and craft of the documentary form. So what can our attendees look forward to? On Thursday, Oct. 16, participating middle and high school students will dive into a hands-on, intensive session on the art and craft of the documentary form and learn how to create purposeful media while exploring the the power of investigation and expression in digital storytelling. The big idea? Students will leave with the tools needed to conceive, plan and produce their own documentaries. To make this happen, we're privileged to have workshop leaders like Mitchell Block - an Academy Award nominated producer and longtime professor of cinematic arts at the University of Southern California; William J. Stribling and William Johnston-Carter - who will discuss directing and highlight their films "Down in Flames: the True Story of Tony 'Volcano' Valenci" and "Grange to Garage," respectively; and representatives from the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program - who will lead a historic research section that will introduce their new historic film prize. These outstanding leaders will inspire students as they break into groups to plan and implement shoots based on the themes they've discussed. Then, they'll join their mentoring professional filmmakers to make their projects come to life! On Friday, Oct. 17, students will gather for a second round beginning at 10 a.m. with the screening of "The Homestretch," followed by a panel discussion, then they'll regroup at Low Key Arts to discuss what they learned on earlier shoots and review their footage. After returning to the classroom, they'll also learn strategies to help finish their pieces. Workshops will continue as they rejoin Mitchell Block for a special session, "32 Short Notes on Making Documentary Film" where the Oscar-winning producer shares the basic truths of documentary filmmaking - even if it's only a gleam in students' eyes - and the professional knowledge he's gleaned from years of industry experience. The student session will close with the 3:40 p.m. screening of "Last Chance High: Behind the Scenes and in the Hallways" with the Renaud Brothers, giving students a chance to see the Arkansas filmmakers' work in action. And now that you know what the young filmmakers in your world have to look forward to, how can you participate? Join us to view a selection of the best youth documentary films from across the state at the "2014 Student Selects: A Young Filmmakers Symposium" screening Thursday, Oct. 16, at 3:50 p.m. in the Arlington Hotel, and be sure to look for us at the screenings of "The Homestretch” Oct. 17 at 10 a.m. and the "Last Chance High" panel Oct. 17 at 3:40 p.m. These screenings and panels are open to all festival attendees and sure to be of interest to filmmakers and film lovers of all ages!