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AETN Q&A Friday - "Call The Midwife," "Lark Rise to Candleford" & DTV Reception

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We asked you what you'd like to know about AETN, and you told us. From details about your favorite British programs to what might be blocking your DTV's reception, we have answers below!

Janis R. asked:

Q: "Will AETN be rebroadcasting "Call the Midwife" this summer?"

A: We love "Call the Midwife" so much that we've already begun reairing Season 2! Look for episode 2 at 10:30 p.m. Sunday after "Masterpiece Theater." You can catch up on episode 1 (and, in fact, all of Season 2) online at:

Patsy G. wondered:

Q: "Do you plan to resume airing the show "Lark Rise To Candleford"? Always watched it on Sat. from 5-6."

A: Because we've aired the series many times, when our broadcast rights to the program expired on May 18, we didn't renew them this time. We're very glad you (and our other viewers) enjoyed the series, though! We hope our "Lark Rise" fans will find other programs to love on AETN but, to fill that special place in your heart, we suggest reading the books by Flora Thomas on which the series was based. You can find them online at: 

Jess S. wrote:

Q: "I always watched AETN a lot before everything switched to digital, but my reception isn't so hot anymore. What are some reasons that I may have trouble getting y'all with my antenna now?"

A: Unfortunately, unlike the old analog signal where you could receive a "less than perfect" picture in areas where our signal was disturbed a little, with digital transmissions, you'll either get a clear picture and sound … or nothing at all. 

Depending on where Jess is, there are a lot of options. Our first guess is that he could be near the edge of our broadcast area - or in the midst of large hills or mountains - which is hard to remedy. But, if his reception issues didn't start immediately with the switch to digital, a recently constructed tall building, denser tree foliage, new electric lines or even new venetian blinds could be the culprit! 

We've found that rabbit ears can sometimes help the situation if standard repositioning hasn't helped, but we're always happy to help you troubleshoot! Send us an email at with details about your situation, and we'll help you get started in the process. We can even call in an engineer for a real time phone call if need be. In the meantime, you can get started correcting the issue yourself by checking out our FAQ at: