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AETN Public Media Center in Museum of Discovery opens Jan. 14

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bThe AETN Public Media Center in the Museum of Discovery opens Jan. 14.  A shared mission of education, a focus on science, and a passion for providing a real public service to Arkansas and visitors to our state led the outstanding newly remodeled and restructured Museum of Discovery to invite AETN to provide a resource room for visitors - chock full of books, computer stations, a video library of PBS favorites like “NOVA”, “Nature”, “Exploring Arkansas” and more. Want to see what we have in store online for Center visitors?  Click here to see the Nature, Science and other links we suggest for your surfing pleasure.   

The Center is a space for families to research, learn, watch, explore, engage…all with the high quality resources that AETN and PBS can bring to this blow-your-mind, totally engaging treasure in Little Rock.  Great for adults and kids, parents can check out or watch an episode of “Exploring Arkansas” online while kids put together puzzles of our solar system or color in Buddy the Dinosaur’s Family from “Dinosaur Train” or curl up in one of the bright yellow and orange swivel chairs and choose a video from one of many PBS and AETN shows and prepare to be captivated by alligators, atoms, and bears, oh my.    

I have to tell you that I had to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the Museum because it’s such a blast.  I learned stuff.  I played.  I stuck scarves and fuzzy balls into the ‘gerbil’ vacuum tubes and screamed and giggled like a girl as they were spit out all over the place.  I found out how much blood is in my particular fireplug of a body.  I was sneezed on and I pulled on some intestines and I was in a tornado.  I walked past the ‘news station’ green screen and I said hi to a snake or two and seriously, that was just in a tiny portion of the museum.  If I hadn’t needed to beat the traffic back to Conway, I could have stayed.  For quite some time.  And never have been bored.  This is no regular museum.  It’s completely, totally rockin’ cool.