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AETN PBS LearningMedia: Chinese Culture

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If your No. 1 New Year’s Resolution was to learning something new, we have you covered!

While we just celebrated our New year, the Chinese will celebrate theirs on Feb. 16, 2018.

AETN PBS Learning Media offers a multitude of resources including videos, photos, and interactives about Chinese history and culture. (And you don’t have to be a teacher to access it!)

You can find out more about Chinese art …

AETN PBS Learning Media Chinese Art

or download a photo of a giant dragon lantern to illustrate your lessons …

AETN PBS LearningMedia Dragon Lantern

(You can even find one of these in Arkansas right now, but we’ll share more on that later!)

AETN PBS LearningMedia The Story of China

… or, you can go here to peruse the entire AETN PBS LearningMedia collection from “The Story of China.”

With the largest population in the world, China holds several thousands of years of history and culture. Travel there from your living or plan a trip and go see it for yourself!

AETN’s education team visited a little piece of China in Arkansas at the Arkansas Chinese Lantern Festival in Little Rock, and we found our more about where the lanterns come from and how they’re made. Check it out in this video:


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