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AETN KIDS Club Father's Day Book List

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Father's Day is an important time to honor our dads and let them know how much we love them! Fathers come in all shapes and sizes, and Father's Day is a day to celebrate not just our daddies, but all of the father-figures around us -- like step-fathers, foster dads, guardians, big brothers, uncles, cousins, grandfathers or community leaders.

It's a good thing that there are almost as many different kinds of books that talk about Father's Day and what daddies do as they are important guys in our lives! When you go to the library this week, see if you can find one that you and your dad or father figure can read together.

Here are a few of our favorite picks!

A Perfect Father's Day 

"A Perfect Father's Day"  by Eve Bunting

Step inside the mind of a spunky four-year-old who adores her father in this affectionate family portrait. Susie has the perfect day planned in honor of Father's Day, and luckily for her, she has the perfect father to celebrate with. 

Loves You

"Because Your Daddy Loves You" by Andrew Clements

Clements paints a beautiful picture of a father-daughter relationship, emphasizing this dad's patience, unconditional love and, of course, sense of humor. See how one father turns potential disasters into loving moments during a day with his daughter on the beach.

For Two Goldfish 

"The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish"  by Neil Gaiman 

With a perfect balance of comedy and storytelling, Gaiman tells a tale of a boy who traded his father in return for goldfish. Follow the wacky path of the boy's tumultuous trades as his sister merely utters, "oh-oh."

Do Best 

"What Daddies Do Best"  by Laura Numeroff

Daddies do lots of things well: they play in the park well, they can bake cakes for birthdays well and they even trick-or-treat well. But what do daddies do best? Read to find out!


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