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AETN Films Among Most-Watched in PBS Online Film Festival

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As you’ve no doubt seen over the summer, two outstanding short pieces by independent Arkansas film makers represented AETN in the 2014 PBS Online Film Festival.

Throughout June and July, we’ve introduced you to the filmmakers and the Arkansas men who inspired their films, in addition to encourage you to watch and vote them to the top, and we now — more than ever — owe you are thanks and a bit of recognition of your own for all of your support!

“Diamond John,” directed by Little Rock’s Travis Mosler, was the third most popular film based on voting and the eighth most-watched film. Meanwhile, “Westland,” directed by Fayetteville’s Diana Michelle Haussam, was the tenth most-watched film in the contest.

We’re incredibly proud of our local filmmakers and their wonderful pieces. From the beginning, we were thrilled that, of 25 short films selected national-wide, two Arkansas pieces were chosen. In our first year of competition, we’re especially pleased to see both films make such a strong showing, and offer our thanks and congratulations to both Travis and Diana, and all of our dedicated friends who helped them move up the national ranks!