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AETN Family Day Recap

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AETN Family Day was a huge success for everyone involved - AETN, the Jones Center for Families, and - of course - the kids!  We had a huge turnout of over 3000 kids and parents.  It was a whole lot of fun.  There were scheduled activities throughout the day for kids to take part in - reading with Clifford, sing-along with Buddy the Dinosaur, and a whole lot more.  Kids had a blast.

It was my first time visiting the Jones Center for Families and I was blown away about how many activities the center had setup for kids.  The center includes an ice rink, two swimming pools, a basketball court, a computer lab, a teen center, an indoor track - just to name a few.  And to add icying to the cake - its all FREE!  The community in Springdale has a gem on their hands - they are truly lucky to have it.  For a visiting parent - like myself - it almost makes sense to drive up there on a weekend and let my kids enjoy the center.

We took a lot of photos and video during the event.  We have posted all of our photos on our Flickr account and you can check them out there, or you can see them below.

We hope you were able to attend this years AETN Family Day in Springdale.  If you werent able to make it, we will be hosting another Family Day event here in Conway sometime later this year, so keep a lookout for that.