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AETN Digital Subchannels Temporarily Off Air in Nov.

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AETN Create (AETN-2), AETN Plus/World (AETN-3) and the Arkansas Information Reading Services for the Blind (AIRS, AETN-4) will be off the air for a short time beginning the week of Nov. 5.

Because of required maintenance at our current host site, we have to relocate the equipment we use to send our programming signals. We're working quickly to make sure the interruption is minimal and expect to finish within 1-2 weeks.

The exact timing of the interruption depends on the tower rigging crew's scheduling and the weather. Because the tower crew travels across North America, if any of their other projects are delayed, our wait may be extended. However, the programming outage should last just 1-2 days.

While the crews are relocating our broadcasting equipment, AETN-1, our main channel, WILL be on the air. The only change will be that, until the transition is completed, all of AETN-1's regular programming will be broadcasted in standard definition rather than in high definition.

At the very latest, all AETN programming should be back to normal by the Thanksgiving holiday, although we believe it will be back on air much sooner. Because we are connected directly to Conway Corporation Cable in Conway, its subscribers will not be affected by these changes.

Our executive director, Allen Weatherly, wants to let all of our viewers know:

“We’re working to keep our primary channel, AETN-1, on air and available statewide. Unfortunately, our digital subchannels must be off air for a few days while we move the equipment from our current host site to a new, permanent site and reestablish broadcast service. We apologize for any inconvenience this outage may cause and plan to have AETN Create, AETN Plus/World and AIRS back on air as soon as possible.”

To keep you updated throughout this process, we'll continue posting online and on our social media. If you have any further questions for us, please feel free to email us at