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AETN Battle of the Pumpkins - You Pick the Winner

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At AETN, we’re all getting ready for the fall season and Halloween! To spread the holiday fun around our headquarters, we’re holding a pumpkin carving contest … but since we’re all competing, we’ll need your help choosing a winner. And that’s where you come in!

First the rules: 

1.) All pumpkins must be AETN or PBS themed.
2.) All pumpkins must be carved at AETN.
3.) Each department will have to turn its pumpkin by Friday, Oct. 10.

And, now, your competitors!

Participating departments include:




The Education Department provides educational materials and support for educators across Arkansas, and hopes to school the competition, too! Want to hear more? Check out the ArkansasIDEAS Facebook and Twitter pages for materials and information for Arkansas educators.




A lean, mean number-crunching machine, this team keeps AETN running in the black and is making plans to battle its way to the top.



Don’t let the friendly faces you know fool you (when you can see them, that is). The folks who fundraise to provide financial support for the programming you love are fierce competitors and are almost unstoppable when it comes to meeting their goals!




The IT team keeps us online and up-to-date in the tech world, but they know their way around a lot more than computers. Be on the look out for their entry and its special features.


Marketing and Outreach


They joke that they can make just about anything out of duct tape, bubble gum and foam core, but our creative team will have to up its ante as they take on their gourd!




You see their talent on screen all the time in our local productions — like “Exploring Arkansas,” “Cooking on the Wild Side,” “Arkansas Week” and many more — but what will happen when the Production team turns its hands to a different challenge? Only time will tell!




From program purchasing and scheduling to answering viewer questions, our Programming Department has an answer for everything including — they tell us — their competition’s pumpkins!




They set stages, run cameras, fine tune graphics for our productions, maintain the building, keep the AETN fleet in top condition and much, much more! In fact, it’s hard to know what the AETN Operations Department doesn’t make happen. Expect no less from their entry!

So how will you help decide who takes home the honor, glory and sheer bragging rights of winning the AETN Battle of the Pumpkins 2014? Stay tuned to our social media feeds on Twitter (@aetn) and Facebook ( to see when we post our departments entries to Then, vote for your favorite. It’s going to be tons of spooktacular fun!