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AETN Battle of the Pumpkins - And the Winner Is …

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It’s Halloween, and you know what that means. Costumes, delicious treats, wonderfully spooky programming on AETN and … the day the winner is declared in the AETN Battle of the Pumpkins!

With all of the spooktacular entries and your dedicated voting, which pumpkin and AETN Department will take home the bragging rights?

Drum roll, please …

In third place, is the techy fabulous, totally original IT Jack-o-Lantern:


In 1 — ah, ah, ah, 2 — ah, ah, ah, second place is the Education Department’s Count von Count Pumpkin:


And, taking home the honor, the glory, the general splendor and, of course, the bragging rights is the Operations Department’s “Arkansas Week” jack-o-lantern trio!


Congratulations, Ops! Enjoy the sweet taste of victory and a year of bragging rights ate the 2014 winner of the AETN Battle of the Pumpkins.

Our thanks to our viewers and voters who helped decide this year’s battle. Now, be sure to share your outstanding PBS and AETN pumpkins with us!

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