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Interview with Abby Burnett - Silent Storytellers

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Silent Storytellers - I brake for old graveyards

Past Clarksville off Interstate 40 in Arkansas lies the foothills of the Ozarks.  In that part of the state live people with a rich heritage.  One of these people is a woman by the name of Abby Burnett.  She has been a resident of those parts for almost 25 years.  Abby has a hobby that some might find unusual - cemeteries. Abby has spent most of her life studying cemeteries and the people who are buried there.  She has discovered some amazing stories through her research that would have been otherwise lost to time - like the number of slave deaths in old census records.

Abby and I spoke about a number of things dealing with cemeteries during my visit.  The video below is from the interview I conducted with her.

You can learn more about cemeteries and Abby by watching Silent Storytellers on March 11th right here on AETN.