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9/27 Kickoff (and I don't mean football)

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First of all a great big "thank you" for all of you who made it to our Meet Me In The Park at Hot Springs Saturday  -- Park estimate was 3500 in attendance for that event !! Unbelievable ! So now, the big day the Big Show is almost upon us -- the premiere of the Ken Burns film -- "The National Parks - America's Best Idea" -- this Sunday, the 27th at 7pm.  You DO NOT want to miss it !!

Our special programming on the 27th will actually begin at 2:30pm with --"Arkansas State Parks: 75 years Making Memories...then at 3pm-- "The Buffalo Flows" followed by "Exploring Arkansas's National Parks" at 4pm.  Then at 5pm, a special two-hour live studio program (during which I'll be taking your parks questions on Facebook) leading up to the Ken Burns documentary at 7pm. It's all a part of what television was meant to be -- to educate, enrich and inspire.