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6 Ways to Use Spanish in the Classroom - “Oh, Noah!”

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1.) Word-of-the-Day

Select a Spanish word-of-the-day and introduce the word at the beginning of class. Tell your children the translation of the word and try to use the word as many times as possible throughout the day.

2.) Create an Online English/Spanish Dictionary

Work together to take pictures around your classroom or school neighborhood of various items with a digital camera. With adult assistance, students can upload the photos to an online photo sharing site (like Flickr or VoiceThread) and label the images with their Spanish and English vocabulary words. Students can even share these pictures with friends and family!


3.) “Countless” Opportunities

The opportunities to incorporate Spanish numbers into everyday activities are “countless”! For example, take a little time to count the number of teaches in the lunchroom, steps to the gym, books on a shelf or fish in the aquarium.


4.) Become Field Trip Detectives

Anytime you have a bit of a trip — whether a long bus ride or walk across campus — challenge your students to identify what they see around them! A few ideas for starters could include:

● the hills (las colinas)
● the lake (el lago)
● the mountain (la montaña)
● the river (el rìo)
● the street (la calle)
● the tree (el àrbol)


5.) Charades

Who’s up for a game? Charades are a wonderful mnemonic tool for learning new Spanish words and having lots of fun! Find a few ideas for vocabulary words to practice below:

● the plane (el aviòn)
● the duck (el pato)
● the giraffe (la jirafa)
● the hippopotamus (el hipopòtamo)
● the starfish (la estrella de mar)
● the tiger (el tigre)
● the binoculars (los binoculares)
● the fishing pole (la caña de pescar)
● the surfboard (la tabla de surf)
● the spider (la araña)
● the guitar (la guitarra)
● the broom (la escoba)
● the comb (el peine)
● the jump rope (la soga)
● the dinosaur (el dinosaurio)
● the bicycle (la bicicleta)
● the plane (el aviòn)


6.) The Old Song and Dance

Music is another excellent mnemonic device for language learning! Add a song to your class roytines to introduce Spanish words in a playful and contextually meaningful way. Here are some of PBS KIDS suggested album picks:


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