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5 Ways to Celebrate Summer Learning Day

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With local and national applications - and even some fun prizes to win - we’re thrilled to celebration National Summer Learning Day Thursday, July 14, and to support academic growth for all of our PBS KIDS all season long! From special events and contests to new episodes and more, read on for five ways to celebrate National Summer Learning Day with AETN PBS KIDS.


1.) National Summer Reading Day Event

AETN, the Arkansas Out of School Network and the Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading will celebrate the day in Conway, Thursday, July 14, to recognize Choosing to Excel, led by Thelma Moten, as a Summer Learning Bright Spot. Choosing to Excel offers innovative summer learning activities and opportunities that keep kids on track during the summer and all year long. The event will feature the work of the children who have been participating this summer, STEM activities for kids and resources for parents. The event will be held at the Conway Ministry Center, 766 Harkrider Street, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Special guests include Conway Mayor Tab Townsell, Conway Schools Superintendent Dr. Greg Murry, and Sen. Jason Rapert.


2.) Special PBS KIDS Programming

What better way to celebrate with AETN KIDS than new features from your favorite PBS KIDS programs? Don’t miss new episodes of “Ready Jet Go!” and “Odd Squad” on National Summer Learning Day.

“Ready Jet Go!: More Than One Moon/Visit to Mom’s Office”, at 6:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. This episode teaches that there is more than one moon in the universe and hundreds of moons in the solar system. It also explains that an exoplanet is a planet that doesn't orbit the Earth's sun, but instead orbits a different star in the universe.

“Odd Squad: Back to the Past/Odd Squad Needs You,” at 3:30 p.m. This episode teaches about using a calendar and understanding the concept of past, present and future. It also details time, learning how many seconds equal a minute and exploring what someone can do in one minute.


3.) I Can Readathon! Event Kit Facebook Contest

In addition to programming, HarperCollins Publishers’ “I Can Read!” Books and PBS KIDS have partnered to offer free reading party kits to help families host “I Can Readathon!” at-home events. Materials include an “I Can Read!” activity booklet, reading logs, activity pages, certificates and more that can be downloaded at Parents and educators can enter to win an “I Can Readathon” party kit from AETN through the network’s Facebook page ( through July 28.


4.) Explore with the AETN KIDS Club

AETN is offering PBS KIDS educational resources to help families in Arkansas close the gaps in summer learning and overall achievement. Summer activities, reading charts, coloring sheets and other materials featuring favorite PBS KIDS characters are available at


5.) Find resources for parents and children with PBS KIDS

Extended learning ideas, child development tracking and recommended games and activities for parents and caregivers are available for free at PBS KIDS also offers a variety of free apps for parents and kids that support summer learning and exploration, including the new PBS KIDS Games app. Information is available at PBS KIDS programming and content is available for free on the PBS KIDS Video App, which can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Parents, educators and camp counselors are invited to explore Camp PBS LearningMedia, which features curriculum-based, exploratory resources and educational activities for kids. Additional information is available at