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5 Reasons to Love the New “Poldark”

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Captain Ross Poldark returns in a new adaptation of 1970s classic Masterpiece series “Poldark” this month! 


Starring Aidan Turner, the new series begins Sunday, June 21, and it’s exactly the program we needed for our summer. Why are we looking forward to it?


1.) Gorgeous Views

First, get ready for some beautiful views — and we’re not just talking about Turner. Cornwall is featured in such a way that it nearly earns star billing. With sweeping pans over the windswept Cornish coast and countryside the scenery is a vacation in and of itself!


2.) We Love a Good Costume Drama

As the station that brings you “Masterpiece” and all of its classic and recent viewer favorites, it’s no surprise that we still love a good period piece. With the post-revolutionary tin and copper mining, abounding historical trials and pestilences, and classes high and low perfectly bedecked for the Georgian Era, “Poldark” offers the heralds of a great costume drama in sumptuous style.



3.) New Life for an Old Favorite

Admittedly, not all of us reviewing the new series experienced the Robin Ellis-mania of the original series in the 1970s, however, we think everyone will agree that the new series is its own production while paying proper tribute to the original.


And be sure to keep an eye out for some wonderful meta symmetry! Ellis, for example, rejoins the cast, this time as Reverend Halse.





4.) Smoldering Stars

Poldark was the role that catapulted Robin Ellis to heart-throbbing fame, and it, at the very least, promises not to hinder Aidan Turner on his ascent to the same. 


He smolders …


and smirks … 


and uses a scythe …



and rides all across the Cornish countryside …



... then smolders some more as Ross Poldark. Entirely believable as the center of a love triangle, if we do say so ourselves. But, worry not! In addition to smoldering about set, he turns in a wonderful performance and isn’t alone ornamenting the screen.


Leading ladies equal or eclipse their gentlemen counterparts, with the fiery Eleanor Tomlinson (who you make recognize from “Death Comes to Pemberley”) as Demelza and the breathtaking Heida Reed as Elizabeth.


And, while somewhat less endearing than Ross, the camera also likes nemesis George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) and inept cousin Francis Poldark (Kyle Soller). 


5.) A Summer Romance … And, Of Course, Some Summer Lovin,’ Too!

Don’t get us wrong, we love a summer beach read as much as the next person, but there’s just something undeniable about a drama we can sink our teeth into. Intrigue abounds on a glittering screen with virtually all that you can request of a summer romance. With soldiers returning from war, families fortunes at stake and an unending battle between class and justice the stage is set for virtually every form of love you can imagine. First loves, love triangles, true loves, unrequited love … there’s a whole lot of (tastefully depicted) lovin’ going on!



Masterpiece Classic: Poldark

Sundays at 8 p.m., beginning June 21