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2015 Arkansas Quiz Bowl Champions

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On Saturday, April 25, we were delighted to host the 2015 Arkansas Governor’s Quiz Bowl Association (AGQBA) state championship. 

This year’s competition — which was a phenomenal showcase for Arkansas high school students’ intellect and scholarship — was particularly special since it marked the conference finals’ and AETN tradition’s 30th anniversary. And our competitors made it an event to remember!

The matches — which, through a series of questions, requires players to display their knowledge of literature, math, science, history, art, music and economics — were outstanding. The finalists in the state championships had proven themselves throughout Arkansas Governor’s Quiz Bowl Association (AGQBA) regional tournaments during the month of March and were well prepared for Saturday’s rounds. The final standings were as follows:

District 1A —

Sacred Heart Schools (Morrilton) - 2015 Champions


The team includes (front, from left): Adam Cambiano, Chloe Andrews, Andrew Dunlap, Shamus McGee, Nicholas Hoelzeman; (back) assistant coach Rachel Kordsmeier, coach Patti Bottoms, Evan Hamling, Cole Bottoms, Avery Croswell and Sharon Duvall.

Mt. Vernon-Enola — Runner Up


The team includes (front, from left): Ashton Harper, Rebecca Davis, Shane Warga, Alyssa Miller, Elizabeth Jones; (back) assistant coach Alisa Harral, coach Terry Johnson, William Rhudy, Keith Sanders and Jonas Crawford. 

District 2A — 

Conway Christian — 2015 Champions


The team includes (front, from left): Scott Austin, Jackson Quick, Wesley Oliver, Alec Ohlde; (back) Will Callaway, Ross Minner, Ancil Lea, Marc Cochran and coach Shawna Oliver.

Hazen — Runner Up


The team includes (front, from left): Madison Hill, Almettia Cole, Aimee Lease, Morgan Carroll, Abbi Ross; (back) assistant coach Laura Morgan, coach Nathaniel Bradow, Adam Alexander, Samuel Harper, Julius Ball and Matthew Lawman.

District 3A —

Episcopal Collegiate — 2015 Champions

The team includes (front, from left): Jackson Bridges, Dylan Wright, Alan May, Victoria Jones, Ezra Feldman; (back) coach Bruce Hall, Steven Angtuaco, Adam Hall, Anna Feldman, coach Stan Whittlesey; and (not pictured) Samuel Rhee.

Centerpoint — Runner Up


The team includes (front, from left): Jasmine Cates, Kayla Hill, Alondra Valencia, Kim Wright, Samantha Burnett, Larry Hill (team captain); (back) Karyn Lowery, Russell Watts, Alex Waitkus, Jonathan Long, Justin Woodall, Mason Thomas, Zane Pedron, Keaton Goocher, Mark Francis and coach Joanna Sutton. 

District 4A —

Subiaco Academy — 2015 Champions


The team includes (front, from left): William Owens III, Andy Davis, Jesus Calvillo, Davis Elliott, Nick Langston; (back) assistant coach Laura Anderson, Axel Ntamatungiro, Jacob Maestri, Patrick Giuliani, Walker Cobb and coach Stephen Thompson.

Hamburg — Runner Up


The team includes (front, from left): Star Lowrey, Brooke McKinney, Selby Tucker, Sky Streeter, assistant coach Brenda Wayne; (back) Reid Mansur, Tyler Maxwell, coach Eddy Tucker and Morgan Blankenship. 

District 5A —

Morrilton — 2015 Champions


The team includes (front, from left): Baxter Yarbrough, Brett Harken, Jonathan Rankin, Thomas Ragland, coach Cody Vest; (back) Igor Hartko, John Hopkins and Drew Patterson.

Little Rock Christian  — Runner Up


The team includes (front, from left): Tyler Blaszak, Hayden Bradberry, Cooper Lair, Spencer Burton, Colton Fisher; (back) assistant coach Craig Lair, Geronimo Lopez and coach Danny Erlandson.


District 6A —

Benton — 2015 Champions


The team includes (front, from left): Matthew Howard, Sam Bell, Dawn Le, Sabastian Clark; (back) Austin Dorman, Caleb Webb and coach Brian West. 

Russellville — Runner Up


The team includes (front, from left): J.D. Robertson, Matt Annis, Drew Coker, Trevor Guiltner, Elijah Aslam; (back) coach Brandon Cooper, Brant Collins, Conlee Hale, Collin Davis, Emily Jordan, Giancarlo Sierra, Tyler Tracy, Jeremy Collins, Sylvia Nupp and coach Paul Gray.

District 7A —

Conway — 2015 Champions


The team includes (front, from left): Bethany Starr, Zelda Engeler-Young (all tournament), Jillian Tang, Monica Choquette; (back) Matt Sweere (all tournament), Blaine Booher, Tim Ablondi (captain), Ben Coney, coach Paula McKee; (not pictured) Joe Coker, Tarek Esaw, Megan Haase, Peter Grant, Jack Lester, Savannah Raup, Kierstan Taylor and Kaelin Taylor.

Fort Smith Southside — Runner Up


The team includes (front, from left): Jordan Myers, Brayley Gattis, Chase Green, Blake Larkin, Tammy Nguyen, Meg Martinez; (back) coach Josh Adams, Amrit Kannan, Tony Siebenmorgen, Justin Eckes, Gavin Clark, Huy Mai and Timothy Dai.


Our congratulations to all of our 2015 competitors and our thanks to our viewers and 2015 partners. It was an incredible day and true celebration for Arkansas and AETN. We’re proud to have broadcasted this outstanding event since 1985 and look forward to another wonderful 30 years!



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