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10 Reasons to Celebrate 10 Years of ArkansasIDEAS

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ArkansasIDEAS has offered free professional development to all Arkansas educators since Sept. 6, 2006 — marking a decade of providing high quality online course material! Through our partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education, we’ve had the opportunity to serve Arkansas educators and to work alongside them as they impact Arkansas’s students.

And that’s just the beginning of the celebration! Read on to see 10 reasons we’re celebrating this landmark event — and learn why we look forward to working with Arkansas educators for decades to come.

1.) ArkansasIDEAS empowers educators to impact student achievement.

With no charge to teachers or school districts, Arkansas IDEAS partners with the Arkansas Department of Education to create and provide free, online professional development opportunities for all Arkansas-licensed educators. These opportunities allow educators to remain current in core curricular areas, instructional technology and classroom management as they serve Arkansas’s children.

2.) ArkansasIDEAS celebrates our state and its residents.

Through its connections to AETN and local programming, ArkansasIDEAS is able to tailor original films about our state for online professional development and educational resources. From the Natural State’s “Champion Trees” and their caretakers to unique ecological features like “Bayou Bartholomew,” ArkansasIDEAS leverages AETN broadcasts to make local professional development and classroom content.

3.) ArkansasIDEAS is responsive to local needs.

In addition to adapting to annual changes to professional development requirements so that Arkansas teachers have free access to the ongoing education resources they need, ArkansasIDEAS develops courses, materials and local programming to address local issues.

Some of our favorite examples include “Bell Ringer: The Invisible Brain Injury” — created in response to The Arkansas Concussion Protocol Act of 2013 and Act 1214 of 2011, the film provides valuable insights about the short- and long-term effects of concussions on student athletes — and the NETA Instructional Media Teacher Resource award winning “108˚: Critical Response” — created in response to Act 1214 of 2011, the film addresses the dangers of heat illness in high school sports, as well as its seriousness, causes, treatment and prevention.

4.) ArkansasIDEAS professional development content is held to high standards.

All ArkansasIDEAS courses for professional development are aligned with the the protocol set by the Arkansas Department of Education, ensuring that professional development is up-to-date, relevant and rigorous.

5.) ArkansasIDEAS connects local educators with national experts.

To address important and trending educational topics, ArkansasIDEAS regularly works with national experts — such as Gifted and Talented education specialist Dr. Joseph Renzulli — and brings them to Arkansas to create specialized courses for Arkansas educators.

6.) ArkansasIDEAS offers flexible learning opportunities.

With a diverse range of professional development resources — including offerings from PBS LearningMedia, PBS Teacherline and — ArkansasIDEAS offers the largest available amount of professional development for our state’s educators. With resources available online, in person and through live streaming, we work to meet the needs of a broad range of learning styles.

7.) ArkansasIDEAS makes a pathway for educators.

In addition to its offering for current educators, ArkansasIDEAS works with the Arkansas Department of Education Office of Professional Licensure to operate an open-access portal for non-licensed teachers. Through this partnership — which is used by Teach for America, some masters of education programs, the ADE Non-Traditional Licensure program and anyone applying for an Arkansas teacher’s license through reciprocity — ArkansasIDEAS creates an avenue for the state’s educator base to grow.

8.) ArkansasIDEAS provides cutting-edge training.

Through partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education and integration with PBS LearningMedia, PBS Teacherline and, ArkansasIDEAS is able to offer Arkansas teachers an extensive learning library that includes topics in the latest educational technology tools.

9.) ArkansasIDEAS is a difference-maker for Arkansas educators.

Since its launch, ArkansasIDEAS has awarded nearly 1.5 million total credit hours and currently serves 30,000 registered users. By offering 586 courses, totaling 1,306 credit hours, we are proud to offer free support for Arkansas educators as they serve students across the state.

10.) ArkansasIDEAS is convenient and affordable.

With ArkansasIDEAS courses available online 24 hours every day, 365 day per year, ArkansasIDEAS allows educators to complete professional development on their schedules. In addition to accommodating educators’ often hectic schedules, ArkansasIDEAS is here to ensure that professional development remains achievable and affordable. No educator or school district is responsible for the cost of our courses, and ArkansasIDEAS uses taxpayer resources wisely. ArkansasIDEAS is proud to be the nation’s most affordable online professional development at an average of $11.68 per course versus an average of of $199 in other states.

Most importantly, throughout this 10 year journey, we’re grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the educators who have dedicated their careers and lives to the students of Arkansas. Thank you for serving our state’s children — and for allowing us to support you in this vital work.